Rethinking Creative Career Planning

Considering a career in the creative industries can be a scary thought for undergrads, particularly after the pandemic. But how do you begin to plan a career which people often consider ‘risky’? This post can offer you some reassurance and tips for thinking about your creative career. I recently met with one of Warwick’s careers […]

Year Abroad Advice to Keep in Mind Before Departure

The university experience is full of change, with every new academic year requiring students to mediate a transition into the next stage of their degree. The year abroad, however, often presents a unique challenge for students, which can seem daunting in the beginning.  While preparing to embark on the year abroad, students frequently find themselves […]

Should you treat studying like a 9-5 job?

Emma Worrall breaks down her experience of switching from an anything goes student lifestyle to keeping to office hours, and how this may be the secret to that elusive work-life balance. Since the beginning of the year, I have tried to stick to a 9-5 or 10-6 office-style study schedule. Why, you may ask, would […]

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