After Talk Must Come Action: Racial Resistance and Remaking

This term saw a collaboration between the Modern Records Centre and Warwick SU to produce an open series of educational events, including exhibitions, seminars and panel talks. Our first series is ‘After Talk Must Come Action: Racial Resistance and Remaking’ and has already seen 4 events this term… The idea for the Open Education Series stemmed […]

Rethinking Creative Career Planning

Considering a career in the creative industries can be a scary thought for undergrads, particularly after the pandemic. But how do you begin to plan a career which people often consider ‘risky’? This post can offer you some reassurance and tips for thinking about your creative career. I recently met with one of Warwick’s careers […]

Year Abroad Advice to Keep in Mind Before Departure

The university experience is full of change, with every new academic year requiring students to mediate a transition into the next stage of their degree. The year abroad, however, often presents a unique challenge for students, which can seem daunting in the beginning.  While preparing to embark on the year abroad, students frequently find themselves […]

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