A history of the skirt

Has just been published by editions Otherwise a book of Christine Bard, What raises the skirt. Identities, transgressions, resistance, that I have not yet had the opportunity to browse/read this book. So watch out…

However, it is the opportunity for me to send you back to an interview with Pierre Bourdieu about the skirt, ” this corset invisible “, in the right wire of The male domination.

The skirt is a corset invisible, which imposes a required and a detention, how to sit, walk. It ultimately has the same function as the cassock. Put on a cassock, it really changes your life, and not just because you become a priest in the eyes of others. […]

The skirt, it is kind of sticky. Most of the injunctions are cultural and meant to remind the opposition system (masculine/feminine, right/left, up/down, hard/soft…) that founds the social order. Oppositions arbitrary which end up without justification, and be saved as differences of nature.

The skirt, it shows more than a pair of trousers and it is difficult to wear simply because it is likely to demonstrate. That’s the whole contradiction of the waiting social concern for women : they must be attractive and deductions, visible and invisible (or, in another register, effective, and discrete).

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