Are 2000 Ford Excursions reliable?

Are 2000 Ford Excursions reliable?

Most reliable car I have ever owned! I’ve owned this truck for 15 years never ANY major problems! Extremely Reliable. On or off road this truck is great. You can tow anything with this Beast.

How long will a 2000 Ford Excursion last?

The Ford Excursion can last as long as 600,000 miles. An Excursion user whose vehicle has lasted for over 500,000 miles claims it is still in excellent condition. According to him, your Excursion can last that long with no expensive repair.

Is the Ford Excursion a good vehicle?

This is by far the best heavy duty SUV ever made. The 7.3 diesel engine has plenty of power to pull anything, and still gets 15-18 MPG. The interior is spacious, plenty of room for all seven kids and all of their luggage. It holds up well and stays together considering the abuse it gets from the youngsters.

Is a Ford Excursion bigger than a suburban?

Comparison shoppers ordinarily find the Suburban a more reasonable full-size SUV than the Excursion. The Excursion is not just bigger; many buyers can’t fit it in a garage—and we’re talking about a regular-sized, suburban home garage, not a city garage.

Why did they get rid of the Ford Excursion?

In fact, the Excursion’s lack of market success is the key reason why Ford is discontinuing the Excursion, not criticism from environmentalists, said Michael Luckey, president of the Luckey Consulting Group in Pompton Plains, N.J.

Will they ever make another Ford Excursion?

The newest is moving in a different creation. In 2021, we will have a new series featuring Super Duty trucks. Effectively, the Excursion SUV will likely use a theme about boasting.

How much is a Ford Excursion worth?

Make Avg Price Last 30 Days
CarGurus Index $27,529 +2.44%
Ford Excursion $17,264 -3.92%
2000 Ford Excursion $14,656 -3.15%
2001 Ford Excursion $13,620 +2.23%

How much horsepower does a 2000 Ford Excursion?

235 to 310 hp

How long is a Ford Excursion in feet?

Nineteen-ninety-nine the year Ford Motor Company introduced its all-new Excursion, a long-wheelbase SUV with F-250 Super Duty underpinnings. At 19 feet long, 6-feet, 8-inches wide, and 77.2 inches in stature, literally dwarfed all of its rivals in the segment.

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