Are outsiders those who are misjudged or misunderstood?

Are outsiders those who are misjudged or misunderstood?

In conclusion Outsiders can be those who are misjudged or misunderstood,those who can not choose the trait that makes them different,who have to learn to accept themselves and stand up for themselves even if the whole world is telling them they do no not belong in society but on other hand outsiders can also be people …

Is being an outsider universal?

As human beings who socially interact with each other, it is in our nature to observe, compare, and perceive differences. This leads each of us through varying degrees of feeling different, and produces the experience of being an outsider. The experience of this perception is universal.

Is Gregor a human?

Though Gregor’s body is completely insect, his mind is thoroughly human. Since his family finds him disgusting, Gregor hides in his room. He longs for human companionship however, and he often attempts to listen to his family’s conversations from afar.

What does Gregor do while his sister and mother are removing the furniture from his room?

The mother in particular is eager to see him, but Grete and the father urge her not to. Grete sees that Gregor enjoys climbing up the walls and across the ceiling, so she decides to remove the furniture from the room to give him more space.

Why does Gregor cover the picture?

Gregor wants to save the picture because it represents him. He made the frame by hand, and the picture of the woman in it symbolically represents Gregor’s situation. He has some of his human mind but is covered by a second skin of a vermin in the same manner as the woman is covered in the fur of another animal.

What draws Gregor out of his room?

Gregor is entranced by the violin and slowly creeps out into the parlor. He longs to take his sister back to his room and tell her about his plan to send her to music school. One of the boarders spots Gregor and cries out.

What does Gregor do for pleasure?

Gregor finds great pleasure in climbing on the walls and furniture, leaving sticky secretion stains behind, so much so that it distracts him from the changes taking place in the lives of the other characters (26).

Why does Gregor not quit his job if he hates it?

Why does Gregor not quit his job if he hates it? a. Because he has to pay off a debt that his parents have. It’s ironic how Gregor works hard to provide for his family, but it is the boss who benefits and earns the most money, without having to do any work.

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