Are the bathrooms open on the Ohio Turnpike?

Are the bathrooms open on the Ohio Turnpike?

WE’RE ALWAYS OPEN. Popular restaurant choices, convenience stores and gift shops, modern restrooms (including family restrooms), telephones, ATMs, vending and Ohio Lottery machines are available at each location.

What restaurants are on the Ohio Turnpike?

The Best 10 Restaurants near Ohio Turnpike, OH, OH

  • The Invention Restaurant. 2.8 mi. 61 reviews.
  • The Freight House Grill & Pub. 5.8 mi. 82 reviews.
  • Danny Boys. 4.8 mi. 180 reviews.
  • Berardi’s Family Restaurant. 6.8 mi. 135 reviews.
  • Main Street Tavern. 6.3 mi.
  • Jim’s Pizza Box. 2.7 mi.
  • Casa Bravos Mexican Bistro. 4.9 mi.
  • Snooties BBQ. 5.9 mi.

What is the price of gas on the Ohio Turnpike?

Prices are changed at 3:00 p.m. each Monday, Wednesday and Friday (excluding national holidays).

Market Regular Diesel
East 3.089 3.539

Are there any toll roads in Ohio?

The Ohio Turnpike, officially the James W. Shocknessy Ohio Turnpike, is a 241.26-mile-long (388.27 km) limited-access toll highway in the U.S. state of Ohio, serving as a primary corridor to Chicago and Pittsburgh.

How do I pay tolls in Ohio?

Drivers can Pay by Plate in a few easy steps: Go to and click Pay Tolls. Under Pay by Plate, enter the license plate number, state and the last six digits of the vehicle identification number (VIN). View tolls owed and pay with a valid credit card, debit card or ACH.

Can you pay Ohio Turnpike tolls with a credit card?

Q: Can I use a credit card to pay my toll fare? A: All interchanges accept major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) or debit cards that are associated with a major credit card. The Ohio Turnpike does not accept foreign currency.

How much does an Ohio EZ Pass cost?

Ohio’s E-ZPass system has a yearly fee of $9.00 and requires a $3 deposit to activate the transponder. A minimum balance of $25 per transponder is required to establish the account. When the balance reaches or falls below $10, the account auto-replenishes to $25. Transponder prices vary by toll agency.

What happens if you lose a toll ticket?

in the United States, the procedure on most toll roads, is that you will pay for every exit that is behind you. So, if you were headed westbound and you got on at exit 10, lost your ticket out the window, and then exited at exit 11, you would have to pay as if you entered at exit 1.

Is Cash accepted at toll plaza?

What happens to the cash lane? Till now, every toll plaza on the national highways had a cash lane, which accepted both FASTag-based and cash payments. There will be no cash lane from February 16, 2021.

What happens if you accidentally go through fastrak?

First notice issued: toll plus $25 penalty. Second (delinquent) notice issued: toll plus $70 ($25 penalty plus $45 late fee). If the toll is paid within 15 days, the penalty is reduced to $25.

What if I go through a SunPass lane by mistake?

Electronic Enforcement: SunPass takes a picture of your license tag as you go through the lane. If we do not receive a signal from a transponder, and cannot match your license plate to an active account, an unpaid toll violation will be mailed to you.

How does FasTrak know if you are a carpool?

While you travel the express Lane, those without a FastTrack will trigger a warning light for cops up ahead to check and make sure you are a carpool.

Can I drive on FasTrak without transponder?

Yes. FasTrak drivers must have a transponder mounted to their vehicle’s windshield. State law requires a transponder to be in the vehicle or valid license plates properly mounted to the vehicle.

Is it worth it to get a FasTrak?


Can I put FasTrak on dashboard?

Please be aware that simply having the FasTrak on your dashboard or in your vehicle and not in one of the locations provided with your FasTrak transponder may result in a citation from the California Highway Patrol.

How much does FasTrak cost per month?

There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account. Think of your FasTrak account as a little bank account for tolls. Your account must always have a balance, and tolls will be automatically deducted from your balance each time a toll is collected.

Is FasTrak cheaper than cash?

The toll tag does all the work—no more fumbling for cash! It saves money. On the Golden Gate Bridge, all FasTrak users pay a discounted toll rate.

Is there a monthly fee for FasTrak Flex?

There are no fees to open or to maintain a FasTrak account, regardless of the type of toll tag you use. Think of your FasTrak account as a little bank account for tolls.

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