Can a picture be poetic?

Can a picture be poetic?

Photographs can be ‘lyrical’. Poems and photographs are both representations of something. Words and photographs are both special types of sign. If the written word is the ‘image’ of spoken language then the photograph is the ‘image’ of the visual subject.

What is the main message of the poem a photograph?

Your answer mate. The poetess through the poem photograph conveys the message of impermanence of life. The poetess wanted to show that change is the only static thing in life. Photograph is not just a positive print recorded by a camera; it is rather the capturing those moments which one will never get back.

What is Photo poem?

Picture Poem Photo poetry uses an actual photograph, whereas picture poetry is a picture drawn with words.

What is hyper poetry?

Hyperpoetry is a form of digital poetry that uses links using hypertext mark-up. It is a very visual form, and is related to hypertext fiction and visual arts. The links mean that a hypertext poem has no set order, the poem moving or being generated in response to the links that the reader/user chooses.

What period of Philippine history did Amador T daguio wrote the poem Man of Earth?

At 20, the poet Amador T. Daguio wrote “Man of Earth” in 1932. According to Dr. Gemino Abad, a well-known Filipino poet and critic, “Man of Earth” marks a turning point in Filipino poetry.

What is the theme of the poem Man of Earth?

The main idea for this poem is what can be the basis of man’s individuality and characteristic. The subject matter is that we must reflect and try to dig deep to ourselves and relate ourselves with a bamboo.

What is the tone of the poem Man of Earth?

The poem speaks of courage and strength. Philippines have suffered a great deal from countries that had colonized us. They treated the Filipinos as inferiors and were cruel to them especially tha Japanese and Spaniards. Filipinos have no choice but be submissive and accept their situation.

What is the theme of the poem the beauty of Philippine island?

The poem is trying to imprint into the minds of people around the world that our country has a good side. The country isn’t all about wars, lying government officials or rude people. Once you look into it, it is a paradise. Beauty is part of the Philippine culture.

How many islands Philippines have?

7,640 islands

How did Filipino race evolve?

The first Filipinos. Many historians and scientists believe that the first inhabitants of the Philippine islands emerged during the Pleistocene period. Noted social scientist Henry Otley Beyer believes that Filipinos descended from different groups that came from Southeast Asia in successive waves of migration.

How old is Philippines as a country?


Republic of the Philippines Republika ng Pilipinas (Filipino)
• Independence from Spain declared June 12, 1898
• Spanish cession to the United States December 10, 1898
• Independence from the United States granted July 4, 1946

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