Can final year students apply for GMAT exam?

Can final year students apply for GMAT exam?

Yes, you are eligible to apply for the GMAT entrance exam. There is no restriction of age and qualification as well. The students who hold graduation or appearing in final semester are eligible to apply for the GMAT entrance exam. GMAT Scores are valid up to 5 years.

Can a 3rd year student give GMAT?

But, to get admission in MBA course on the basis of GMAT course, you must have obtained Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university. Since, you are pursuing B. Tech 3rd year, you are eligible to appear in GMAT examination.

Who are eligible for GMAT exam?

Following criteria are required for GMAT eligibility: Applicants should have a basic educational qualification from any registered university or college. Candidates should be minimum of 18 years of age, if a candidate is below 18 years then require a no-objection certificate from the guardian.

At what age should I take GMAT?

Plan to take the GMAT when you are in the 20-22 age group, just before your first full time job. Since GMAT Scores are valid for 5 Years, the test scores would be handy when you apply to Business Schools between the age of 25 and 27.

What GMAT score do I need for Booth?

Chicago Booth MBA Class Profile 2022

Applications received 4,909
Enrolled 621
GMAT Scores 600 – 780
Undergraduate GPA 2.8 – 4.0
Average Work Experience 5 years

How can I prepare for GMAT without coaching?

10 Tips on how to crack the GMAT exam without coaching

  1. You don’t need to join a GMAT coaching class.
  2. Feel free to ignore the earlier tip.
  3. Start with the GMAT Quantitative Section.
  4. Take up GMAT Verbal prep next.
  5. Focus on Critical Reasoning (CR) and Reading Comprehension (RC)
  6. Take Mock Tests.

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