Can I use 215 65R17 instead of 225 65R17?

Can I use 215 65R17 instead of 225 65R17?

The 225/65R17 is one size larger and much taller and can carry more weight compared to the 215/55R17. The ride will be harsher as well as the aspect ratio is two sizes lower. The smaller tire will fit on the same rim.

Can I use 215 65R16 instead of 225 60R16?

They’ll definitely fit alright… I even ran 215/60/16s (rather than standard 245/50/16s) on my factory 16×8 Firebird wheels in the winter without a problem.

What is the difference between 225 65 r16 and 225 60 r16?

There is approximately 11 mm difference between the two tires overall outside diameter. You definitely aren’t going to hurt anything, you’ll be fine so long as all 4 tires are the same size. Your speedometer will be off a VERY slight amount.

Can I use 215 55r16 instead 215 60R16?

yes it will be fine. you are changing the heighth of the sidewall, it will change the overall diameter of the tire/wheel combo and could potentially mess up the speedo reading.

Can I use 225 70R16 instead of 225 65R16?

225/65R16 represents a 5% decrease in diameter, which is not a good idea. You’d be better off with 225/75R16 or 225/70R16, or the standard 235/70R16.

What is the height of a 225 60 r16 tire?

Plus Sizes

225/70-16 225/60-16
Diameter inches (mm) 28.4 (721.4) 26.63 (676.4)
Width inches (mm) 8.86 (225) 8.86 (225)
Circum. inches (mm) 89.23 (2266.34) 83.66 (2124.97)
Sidewall Height inches (mm) 6.2 (157.5) 5.31 (135)

How wide is a 225 70 r15?

225/70R15 tires have a diameter of 27.4″, a section width of 8.9″, and a wheel diameter of 15″. The circumference is 86.0″ and they have 736 revolutions per mile.

What size is 255 70R16 in inches?

16-inch Wheel Conversion Chart

Metric Standard
255/70/16 30.0″x 10.0″
265/70/16 30.6″x 10.4″
265/75/16 31.6″x 10.4″
275/70/16 31.2″x 10.8″

Can I use 75 tires instead of 70?

I think the 75 series tire is roughly 1″ taller than the 70 series…. so 1/2″ more sidewall… not a lot of difference. The 75 definately “looks” better and might even get ya better mileage as you’re not turning as fast….

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