Can I use an AED on an infant?

Can I use an AED on an infant?

Automated external defibrillators should be used in infants with suspected cardiac arrest, if a manual defibrillator with a trained rescuer is not immediately available. If an AED with pediatric pads is not available, the AED with adult pads should be used.

Can you use an AED on a child under 1?

AED use and infants AEDs should not be used on infants that are less than 1 year old. If you do not have an AED with variable energy levels available for use, then an ALS unit should be contacted, and CPR performed until that unit is able to get to the scene.

Can an AED be used on a 2 year old?

An AED can be used on children and infants and should be used as early as possible for the best chance of improving the chance of survival. Check the AED when it arrives at the scene. Pediatric pads should be used if the person is less than eight years old or less than 55 pounds (25 kg).

How do you do 2 person CPR?

Method of 2-person CPR :For adults Lay the victim on a flat surface. Start the chest compressions with about 100 compressions per minute. After every 30 compressions, follow with breaths. Since two man compression has an extra person to help, one person can give the compressions while the second can give the breaths.

How often do you switch in 2 person CPR?

about every two minutes

What should you do if someone has a pulse but is not breathing?

If the person is not breathing but has a pulse, give 1 rescue breath every 5 to 6 seconds or about 10 to 12 breaths per minute….Follow the instructions that came with the mask.

  1. Open the airway. Place the victim on his or her back.
  2. Check for breathing.
  3. Pinch and seal.
  4. Start with 2 “rescue” breaths.
  5. Give more breaths.

Do you perform CPR if there is a pulse?

If the victim has a pulse and is breathing normally, monitor them until emergency responders arrive. If the victim has a pulse but is breathing abnormally, maintain the patient’s airway and begin rescue breathing. If at any point there is no pulse present, begin administering CPR.

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