Can Naruto beat Edward?

Can Naruto beat Edward?

ED wins. He just transmute Naruto. I’ve never actually seen The Fullmetal Alchemist, but from what i’ve heard from its fans, Ed would win. Naruto basically wins his fights by making his opponents think he’s and idiot and then by going into his Kyuubi state.

Who would win Natsu vs Ichigo?

Ichigo would win. Natsu just can’t cut it. Natsu defeated a Dragon, or just an overpowered Dragon Slayer that ate Time Magic. Ichigo defeated, the almighty, twice, one hit each time, after Uryu got rid of that annoying thing where he could rewind his own death.

Who is more powerful Natsu or Ichigo?

Natsu Dragneel is much stronger than Ichigo Kurosaki. Natsu obliterated a mountain-sized war god Ikusatsunagi with only one powerful attack . Natsu dodged attacks that were confirmed lasers / light , so Natsu’s speed & reactions are at least relativistic – and that’s much faster than Ichigo.

Can Ichigo beat Natsu?

Ichigo has the speed necessary to get past Natsu’s defenses and slice an arm or leg off, or if he’s quick enough, Natsu’s head. Natsu will never even get a chance to use his Dragon Force or E.N.D. form, meaning Ichigo can claim victory in this shonen showdown.

Who can beat mastered UI Goku?

Delane, says superman, god of death flash, and anti monitor could beat him, even though goku at master UI travels at 180,000,000,000,000 x the speed of light. Low balling it! Dbs- angels, zeno, grandpriest, Zeno guards. , Expert in Anime and Manga.

What is Super Saiyan Omni God?

Goku as the ‘Omni-King’ of the 13 multiverses is a heroic, brave, selfless, kind, determined, merciful, friendly, incorruptible, gentle, benovolent, cheerful and forgiving Saiyan God who protects and save the 13 multi-verses from any threat and represents a source of inspiration for the mortals.

Is Super Saiyan Omni God real?

Omni Super Saiyan is a completely non-Canon creation of the YouTuber known as MaSTAR Media.

Who can defeat Omni King?

Xeno can only destroy but can’t create. So xeno is like king of all gods of destruction and grand priest his attendant like Whis is of beerus, so it is obvious he is stronger than xeno. 2.

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