Can you breed and sell guppies?

Can you breed and sell guppies?

The easiest way to sell the guppies would be to try to contact a LFS and see if they will buy them from you. They may only give you in store credit, but this is still something. The other option would be to sell them online, but this requires a lot of commitment and resources.

Is it illegal to breed and sell fish?

If you intend to breed and sell any aquarium/ornamental fish and your facility has a water holding capacity of 10,000 litres or more, you will require an aquaculture permit.

How do I sell baby guppies?

You should be able to take them to a local pet store. Call them first and ask if they’re interested and if they are, bring in the guppies and negotiate a price. If the guppies are colorful, they would sell them as pets and if they’re not colorful, they’ll wind up as feeder fish.

How much do guppy breeders make?

Maybe 50 cents per. More if your store is expensive (but if they sell less, they have less they can buy from you, and you’re back in the same circle here.) So 100 guppies would be $50 – but you’d probably be able to make it every month!

Are guppies easy to sell?

Selling your guppies to a local pet store is the easiest and hassle-free way. Most pet stores may take your additional guppies. However, they may not pay you sometimes because most of them will usually have contracts with large fish farms.

How do you price guppies?

The prices for fancy guppies like the multi delta or Moscow blue can start at $25 for a breeding pair or a couple of fry and can go as high as $50-$60 for a pair. These fish have interesting and vibrant colors that set them apart from your average guppies.

How many guppies can I put in a 10-gallon?

You can have between five to 10 guppies in a 10-gallon tank. If you’re setting up a breeding tank, use the ratio of one male to two females (and make sure you have another tank to transfer the fry into!) Guppies come in many different colors, the males being a lot more colorful than the females.

How many guppies can I have per gallon?

Each adult guppy needs at least one gallon of water. However, the ideal calculation is one gallon per inch of fish. Since adult guppies are approximately two inches long and thrive in groups of three or more, you will need at least 10 gallons of water for five to ten guppies in a single fish tank.

How many guppies can you have in a small tank?

In your research about guppy fish, you’ve probably seen it mentioned that 10-gallon aquariums are the minimum tank size for guppies. Indeed, a 10-gallon aquarium will comfortably hold a small guppy group of around 5 specimens or up to 10 guppy fish if you’re an aquarist with experience.

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