Can you go to rehab for anorexia?

Can you go to rehab for anorexia?

If you or a loved one is ready to get help for an eating disorder, a therapist or counselor can help you decide on the treatment that’s most likely to meet your unique needs. For many people living with severe eating disorders, inpatient care (rehab) may be the best way to start the recovery process.

Can anorexics be sectioned?

Occasionally, someone with anorexia may refuse treatment even though they’re seriously ill and their life is at risk. In these cases, doctors may decide, as a last resort, to admit the person to hospital for compulsory treatment under the Mental Health Act. This is sometimes known as “sectioning” or “being sectioned”.

Can you end up in hospital from not eating?

Timing for Hospitalization 2 Patients may require hospitalization if they are severely malnourished and/or have lost a great deal of weight and are at risk for refeeding syndrome. Although hospitalization can be scary, it is also a very necessary component of treatment for many people.

What help is available for anorexia?

Treating anorexia nervosa Your treatment could involve counselling, group and family therapy, working with a dietician, and support from a mental health team to help you gradually return to healthy eating habits. You’ll be supported to make sure you’re getting enough to eat and learn what your healthy weight should be.

What is the first goal of the treatment of anorexia nervosa?

The first goal of treatment is getting back to a healthy weight. You can’t recover from anorexia without returning to a healthy weight and learning proper nutrition. Those involved in this process may include: Your primary care doctor, who can provide medical care and supervise your calorie needs and weight gain.

What happens when you are diagnosed with anorexia?

Untreated, anorexia nervosa can lead to: Damaged organs, especially the heart, brain, and kidneys. Drop in blood pressure, pulse, and breathing rates. Loss of hair.

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