Can you put 2 goldfish together?

Can you put 2 goldfish together?

Keeping at least two goldfish in an aquarium is recommended to provide companionship and promote activity. Goldfish are generally not aggressive so they can be kept with most community fish provided the other fish are larger than the size of the goldfish’s mouth.

Why is my fish shedding skin?

An infection can also cause your fish to shed its scales. This is the second most common reason. There are many different infections that can appear in a home aquarium. However, there is a specific disease that results heavily in scale loss and it’s called just like that: scale shedding.

Can 3 goldfish live together?

Yes, goldfish can live together. If multiple goldfish are kept in a tank, they will be active and interact with each other. However, all types of goldfish can’t stay together. They should be of similar size and swimming ability to be together.

Why goldfish die so fast?

Why? The fish can get ammonia poisoning from the still water, their own waste, and the stress of being so active in an undersized tank. The stress and ammonia poisoning will limit their lung capacity and they’ll pass away.

Is it bad luck when your goldfish dies?

If a fish dies (naturally), it probably has sacrificed its life for you. It is believed that the fish takes on something terrible meant for you or your family member. Aquarium is also a form of therapy. Healthy, active and playful fishes help attract wealth, health and prosperity.

What do goldfish symbolize?

Traditionally, goldfish, particularly Koi, have been used as a symbol of good luck and good fortune. Several ancient stories and fairy tales also include stories of goldfish granting wishes or making dreams come true. In Chinese tradition, goldfish have an association with abundance.

Why goldfish are bad pets?

While goldfish do get pretty big, they also excrete more waste than other species of fish. In fact, goldfish are known for the mess they make and such mess can quickly pollute a 5-gallon or even 10-gallon tank with dangerous levels of ammonia.

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