Can you put 2 pregnant guppies together?

Can you put 2 pregnant guppies together?

Yes. You should either put her in a separate tank, or a separate container inside the same tank. When she gives birth the males will eat the babies. If you don’t remove her you will look in one day and she won’t be pregnant anymore.

Should I separate a pregnant guppy?

The best way to protect both the pregnant guppy and all her fry is by separating her for the entire length of her pregnancy. It’s important to do this as soon as you see her fry because, like most fish, guppies will eat their own babies.

Why do my guppies keep chasing each other?

Seeing guppy fish chasing each other isn’t uncommon at all. In fact, it’s normal mating behavior. Usually, you’ll see males chasing female fish all the time as they’re trying to mate. If chasing isn’t accompanied by fin nipping or fighting, it’s part of their normal behavior and you shouldn’t become too alarmed.

Can a guppies tail grow back?

Your guppy’s tail most likely may have grown back depending on how damaged it was. Usually if there are nips, tears, or small pieces missing then with pristine water (correct ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, pH) and the fish is healthy and not too stressed, it will grow back.

Can guppy tails heal?

The ripped fins will not heal so long as they’re continuing to nip at each other, and will get infected and rot so long as there are too many fish in the tank hurting the water quality. You need to lose about 9-10 of those guppies and do a big 40-50% water change, use some prime.

How long does it take for guppies tails to grow back?

Fish Fanatic In my experience you should start to see a bit of growth within approx 3-4 days. It’s gradual, starts at the base of the tail, and spreads out from there. It grows clear at first so you have to look closely, then colours up.

Why do fish bite each other’s tails?

there are 2 main reasons why some fish are fin-nippers. The first applies to fish like tiger barbs, which bite small chunks out of other fishes fins as food. The second reason is territoriality (if this is a word). Eg cichlids may nip the fins of other fish which enter their territory to deter them.

Can a fish survive without tail?

Most aquarium fish do fine without a caudal fin if necessary. Pelagic fish such as tuna, jacks, mackerel, herrings, sailfishes, and some sharks would suffer the most without an intact caudal fin. These fish are always on the move and often depend on bursts of speed to catch their prey.

What happens if a fish breaks its tail?

Aggression from other fish, either fighting or fin-nipping, can cause fin injuries. A damaged fin or tail typically manifests as a clean split or a bite-size piece missing. Such injuries don’t seem to bother fish unless they’re recurring or cause complications like fin rot.

How long does it take for a fish’s tail to grow back?

Fortunately, fish can regrow and heal their fins and tail. This regrowth process may take some time, but it’s not painful. You’ll notice your fish swimming around and developing its new fin within two months. You have to be careful and take important measures when your fish has a damaged fin.

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