Can you put a bigger engine on a Honda Rebel 250?

Can you put a bigger engine on a Honda Rebel 250?

Unfortunately, no. The Rebel engine is based on an ancient design, and does not share anything other than basic design with any other engine, like the 450. The 450 has different mounting locations, and is much larger. IF you are willing to basically rebuild the entire frame, you can put almost any engine in it.

Is it bad to take muffler off motorcycle?

By removing your muffler you increase your chances of burning your exhaust valves, melting plastics or your boots due to the change in heat distribution, and possible backfiring.

Do I need a fuel tuner with slip-on exhaust?

Registered. Just slip-ons are okay with out a tuner. The cat in the head pipe is very restrictive. If you change the air cleaner also then a tuner will be needed.

Are slip-on exhaust bad for engine?

No, it will not damage the engine if it is designed by someone who has a clue what they are doing. However, when you bolt on an aftermarket exhaust, you will probably need to re jet or re map the engines fuel system.

Do I need a tuner with slip-on exhaust?

Our Softail, Dyna, Sportster, and Indian Scout slip-ons do not require tuning, but it is recommended for maximum performance gains. All of our full systems require tuning upon installation, and upgrading the air cleaner is also recommended.

Do I need to Rejet motorcycle after installing new exhaust?

If you feel your bike is running correctly: It will not hurt your motorcycle to put on the exhaust and give it a test run. If you install the exhaust and experience poor throttle response, backfiring, popping on deceleration or excessive heat, then go ahead and rejet or add a Fuel Processor.

Does an engine need exhaust back pressure?

As the pulses move along, they generate an exhaust flow. If you have a restrictive exhaust system, it can generate back pressure that works against the positive flow of the exhaust gas that’s trying to exit your vehicle. However, a little back pressure is a good thing. In fact, it helps.

What happens if you ride a motorcycle without exhaust?

Without exhaust, you will be shooting open flames and extreme heat directly out the heads and pointing them at areas that they weren’t intended to go, which worst case could melt fairings and/or cause a fire. Best bet is to leave the pipes on.

What happens if main jet is too small?

Be careful: most engine jams occur when the main jet is too small. A lean fuel/air mixture will cause the engine to overheat fast.

When should I increase my main jet size?

A general rule is to increase the main jet as long as each jet causes the engine to run as well as or better than the smaller jet in it before. When there is no longer any additional performance gain from the larger jets the jet size is too big – go back down one size.

How do I know my main jet size?

Jets are threaded and have a small orifice through their center that varies based on the size of the jet. For example, a jet may be stamped (on its head) with the number 30. This indicates that the jet’s size is 30 mm.

What does a slow jet do in a carb?

The carburetor’s job is to precisely and repeatedly deliver the appropriate amount of fuel to the engine throughout its entire speed and load range. To do this, carburetors utilize several different circuits that control different parts of the speed/load range of the engine.

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