Can you save Phoibe?

Can you save Phoibe?

Originally Answered: Is there any way to save Pheobe in Assassin’s creed Odyssey? Sadly, no Phoebe’s death serves a purpose to the story to make Kassandra (or Alexios) more driven into hunting down the Cult of Kosmos and destroying the organization Therefore her death serves as a catalyst for the game itself

Should I kill the cultist leader?

You can kill her, or let her go Should you chose to kill her, you will have to fight, but it will be the easiest fight ever Regardless, you will have to destroy the artifact and hence conclude the Kosmos Cultists’ storyline

Do you have to kill all the cultists?

The Cultists that are tied to Side Quests are the only exception, for them you have to play their quests first The Cultists in the inner circle can only be revealed after killing all others in the branch After killing 41 Cultists the Ghost of Kosmos Leader will be reveale

Can you save Myrrine?

Do not save Myrrine Depending on the ending that the player receives based on their decisions, they will then be able to get a special cut scene that shows what remains of the famil

Does Persephone bring back Phoebe?

In the Fate of Atlantis DLC Quest “A Life for a Life”, Persephone offers to bring back Nikolaius (If you killed him), Phoebe, or Brasidas, in exchange for killing Leonida

Do you kill Deimos?

If you do fight Deimos, he/she will kill your mother and you will be forced to kill her/hi

Should I kill Elpenor?

The next choice doesn’t matter, the end result is fighting his soldiers For some reason he wants you to kill you mother or father The end result is hunting down Elpenor I Don’t Care, You Deserve To Die – You won’t get to kill Elpenor here but you will get to beat down both of his guard

Is Kassandra dead?

Kassandra, who was a legendary figure, dies in her arms after passing on the Staff

Can you beat Deimos in Pylos?

The Battle of Pylos After a while, Deimos will appear and a fight awaits you Be sure to avoid the attack and hit Deimos from a distance We recommend using a devastating shot and stay away from the enemy When you defeat him, a cutscene awaits you and Deimos will be crushed by a tree

Should I kill the champions for Sparta?

In the end, there will be two choices: I’ll kill the champions for Sparta: He will be happy that you follow the orders Killing the champions won’t help: In this choice your suggestions won’t help, he will tell you to complete the mission or di

What do you say to Deimos in jail?

After this, the player will wake up in prison in Athens Deimos will confront the player again Try to convince them they are being used by telling them the truthAchievements

  • “We didn’t abandon you”
  • “Our mother searched for you”
  • “She thought you were dead”
  • “I was thrown off, too”

What happens if you accuse the wrong Spartan king?

If you lack evidence or accuse the wrong one, you’ll be kicked out of town and the guards will become hostile, but you’ll still unveil the cultist In the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t make much difference However, if you want to do everything by the book, you should accuse Pausania

Who is the traitor in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla?


How can I prove my Spartan king?

Should the player be exiled, return to the throne room and confront the other Spartan king, Archidamos Killing him will provide undeniable proof that he is a cultist that will be used in the conversation Soon that conversation will end, and a scene between Myrrine and the player will begin in their family hom

What proof do I need for the cultist King?

A Bloody Feast Return to Sparta and have a conversation with the kings Say that you have won the Olympic victory and that Beotia has been taken over Then you can accuse one of the kings that he is a Cultist of Kosmos – Pausanias is guilty one You may get a proof if you have convinced Lagos to leave the sect

Can you save Lagos?

Judge, Jury, Executioner You can convince him to leave the Cultists of Kosmos – this is possible if you have killed the Monger alone in the cave and if you have rescued Lagos’ family After that the quest will end Otherwise, you will have to kill Lagos Go back to Myrinne and Brasidas

How do you know which King is the cultist?

To hunt him down and claim the final piece of the Spartan War Hero set, you need to find him running south through Lakonia towards the port of Gytheion You can easily mark him on your map by going to the Cultists tab of your menu, then pressing Trac

Can you recruit Exekias the legend?

Behind the scenes In Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, it is possible, through rigorous leveling, to find and kill Exekias before Elpenor Despite this, Exekias, nor any other member of the Cult of Kosmos, can be recruited

How do you kill Drakon?

Poison and fire arrows are a good tactic to use against Drakon, as they provide range and damage over time When Drakon’s weapon is not on fire, get in close to land a strong hit with a close-quarters ability of your choosin

Can you recruit Drakon?

To weaken Drakon, it involves getting rid of his armor, leaving him bare chested But if you don’t do that quest he will keep his armor and be unflinchable if you recruit hi

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