Study Appy

Looking for ways to improve your productivity, or perhaps you are grappling with ideas about how to maintain focus? These six apps might be able to help you… By Jennifer McNally  Time Management It has been said that time heals all wounds, well now you can use it to help you study. You may have […]

Things I wish I had known…

During your first weeks at University, it feels like everyone is competing to give you advice and information. A few weeks in, and you realise, to your shame, that all that helpful stuff about the Library and how it works has completely gone from your brain… By Kate Courage and the Library Associates So, to […]

Beyond academic writing

If you’re a Postgraduate Student at Warwick, you’re probably familiar with the woes and delights of academic writing, but there are other writing opportunities at the University of Warwick that you may be interested in exploring… By Sofia Rios   During Welcome Week, the Library hosted a Creative and Blogging Workshop in support of the […]

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