Library 101: Things I wish I had known…

SCONULDuring your first weeks at University, it feels like everyone is competing to fill your brain with information. It is all crucially important and gradually your head feels like it might implode. Here’s what our current users wish that they had known when they first started… A sense of panic sets in as you realise […]

Focus on…the digital Loeb Classical Library

Unless you’re a Classicist, you may not have noticed that the University now has a subscription to the digital Loeb Classical Library. Still not sure why you should be interested? You’d be surprised how many disciplines this vast online collection could turn out to be useful for… by Helen Ireland     What is it? […]

How to eat the elephant of your workload

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Everyone knows that saying, and tackling your workload is just the same…By Ondrej Bajgar And yet I keep meeting friends in the library complaining that their stomach is aching or that they still haven’t even nibbled away the trunk of their assignment, because it’s […]

Last-minute Library

Left it to the last minute? Here’s the Library guide to overcoming 3 classic crises…By Karina Beck So you’ve done it again, that assignment deadline or exam date has snuck up, and you’ve got no choice but to make a dash for the finish line. I could write a whole spiel on planning ahead, but […]

Have you met Bob?

There’s a relatively new addition to the Library family, and he’s one you probably will want to get to know… By Richard Perkins Why Bob? It stands for Box of Broadcasts, a service to which the University recently subscribed. What does it do? Since roughly 2008, the people at the BUFVC have been recording all […]

A year in the Learning Grid Rootes

At the end of Week 9, Learning Grid Rootes closed its doors for the summer. I’ve spent one year working there as a Student Adviser (that’s us in the blue shirts), and I’ve seen some things – including ukuleles. Here’s a look back at Learning Grid Rootes’ first year in service! …By Charlotte Salter What’s […]

3 Tips for Dealing with your Dissertation

Dissertations: the mere thought of all those words is enough to give you a headache – following these tips will last longer than the Paracetamol…by Nuala Clarke. Dissertations are not nice things. They take up all your time, give your fingers cramp (can fingers even get cramps!?) and turn your brain to scrambled eggs. Sure, […]

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