Writing your PhD proposal: What isn’t in the manual?

Are you considering applying to do a PhD? Katie shares her warts-and-all experience of writing a proposal and enjoying it…By Katie Hall When I started to think that doing a PhD might be a realistic goal, a friend said to me, with irony, “If you don’t hate your PhD, you haven’t finished it yet”. Writing […]

Don’t plagiarise, be PlagiarWISe!

Plagiarism. Passing someone else’s work off as your own. It’s forbidden by the University Regulations but do you know what is and isn’t plagiarism, and how to avoid it? Understanding this is the first step on the road to success at the university level, and here’s how the Library’s PlagiarWISe tutorial can help…By Rhiannon Taylor […]

Your Library: Behind the scenes

Library staff are here to connect you with information, support and your community but who exactly are they? Let’s take a glimpse behind the scenes… By Jenny McNally National Libraries Week is being celebrated at the University of Warwick Library from Monday 8th October 2018. If you have visited the Library, you will have probably […]

Ultimate Warwick Freshers’ Bucket List

Greetings freshers of 2018! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: The Ultimate Warwick Freshers’ Bucket List! How quickly can you tick all of these off?… by Jessica Tatchell 1. Do something you never thought you’d do before The best way to kick off your university experience is to do something that pushes you out […]

Why you should join a society

Whether you join one or twenty, societies will probably be one of the best parts of your university experience. There’s something for everyone and who knows, by trying something new you might find a whole new passion! Here’s some reasons to join a society this academic year… by Ciara Brodie Societies are central to Warwick, […]

The Very Best Revision Apps

Bored with the same old revision techniques? Wish you could be sitting outside in the sun instead of being cooped up in the library with your highlighter? Trying a new revision app could be the answer to both of these questions! Here are the Study Blog’s top three revision apps for this summer… by Amy […]

Tips for your your study abroad year

If you’re lucky enough to be studying abroad it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you first get there. Here’s some tips on how to stay sane and make the most of your time when you arrive in your host country… by Ella Hillyard   After all the waiting and excitedly reading travel guides, you’ve finally […]

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