Top tips on how to keep your belongings safe

Belongings are precious as some have sentimental value, whilst others carry financial value.  We do our best to look after what is important to us, especially if it means preventing our valuables from being stolen. However, there is no need to go and frantically put chains around them like in the photo! In this blog, […]

Do you know about our Accessible Study Rooms?

The Library understands people learn differently and need different spaces. Our Accessible Study Rooms are bookable by students who have registered with the University’s Disability Services. Each room is different and can be adjusted to make a personalised learning environment. Want to find out more? By Laura Waller What’s inside an Accessible Study Room? Last […]

Take Advantage of your Long Break

The summer between finishing exams and starting university again could be the longest period of time you ever take off work or study. While that’s almost a horrible thought, it doesn’t have to be! Make the most of your time off now doing absolutely whatever you want. But if you’re stuck for ideas, here are […]

How to learn a language effectively

Sometimes more general study tips don’t apply to learning a new language. Sure you can memorise words, but that doesn’t always translate to being to able to fluently converse and read in the language. Here’s some #studyblog advice on the best ways to effectively learn a language… by Ella Hillyard As a modern languages student, […]

How to stop doubting yourself

With exam season in full flow, it’s easy to fall into a slump and start doubting your ability. Here are a few words of encouragement to help shake away feelings of being an ‘imposter’ whilst dealing with the stress of the next few weeks… by James Blake Exam season will always be a tough time […]

Boosting your CV in Term Three

Term 3: exams, deadlines, dissertations… surely there’s no time to take on CV enhancing activities? Wrong!  Boosting your CV means that once you graduate, you’ll have more than just academic credentials to get you in the door of your dream job. So read on for some ideas on what you can do even in the […]

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