The mature students’ exam survival guide

Revising for exams is hard enough at the best of times, but as a mature student, you’re likely to be juggling a whole load of other things on top. So how do you keep your head when everything around you is threatening to spiral out of control? By Julie Robinson Although no one’s going to claim […]

Two cultures, one Library

Chances are, if you’re visiting the Library, you’ve got one thing in mind: finding the books you need for your latest assignment or exam. But have you ever stopped to wonder what’s on all those other shelves? By Martin Monahan In 1959, C.P. Snow famously described the two cultures of Western society: on the one […]

How to edit and proofread an assignment

It’s the last stage before handing in: proofreading. Perhaps you’re one of those who struggles to spot the mistakes in their own work, or simply can’t bring yourself to reread something you’ve written at all. The litter of cranky spelling corrections and added punctuation scrawled in the margins of your returned assignment is familiar sight […]

Understanding Library terminology: Part III

Lorna and Francesca team up to tackle more of those mysterious phrases that you aren’t quite sure of…By Francesca Green and Lorna Khemraz Endnote Online Endnote is one of those words which I had seen being thrown around a lot but never took the time to find out what it was all about until recently. My brain […]

Mastering the art of outdoor study

I’m not going to pretend that studying outdoors is anyway near as fun as sunbathing or having a barbeque. However, this post will provide you with the inspiration you need to leave the restraints of your desk and successfully master the art of outdoor studying, ensuring that as the temperatures soar you manage to keep […]

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