No such thing as a silly question

The Library can be a confusing place, and it can sometimes feel like everyone except you knows what they’re doing. That’s why we’ve been running our ‘Just Ask’ pop up events, where we answer your burning Library questions and add them to our display board. Whether you’re new to Warwick or have been here for […]

Study Spots on Campus

While your first year at Warwick might not initially require as much study as your later years, you’ll need to knuckle down and open the textbooks sooner or later. When the time comes and the library is filled with upper years, however, there may not be a seat in sight. As such, I present to […]

Alternatives to a Summer Internship

So you’ve not got an internship lined up for summer. Maybe you’re still looking for a way to use the summer months to help give you a head start in your career? If you’re lucky enough to know the career path you want to take, an internship could be great for you. However, they aren’t […]

Sensational Sensory Day!

Student and staff collaboration is not only reserved for academic projects. This is an account of how last year’s Sensory Day came to be and why you should consider attending events that will enhance your Warwick experience… by Keeley Varey Last term was really exciting for myself and a fellow Occupational Therapy student! This is […]

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