Postgraduate funding – nightmare, or no sweat?

If you are one of those undergraduate or master’s students who have thoroughly enjoyed your time researching at the Library, then you might be thinking about furthering your studies. This post will give you useful information about funding opportunities that you might want to consider… By Daisy Richards   If you’re flirting with the idea […]

Reading Lists at a glance

By this point in the term you should be well underway with your module reading and hopefully enjoying the benefits of the Library’s Reading List system. But have you ever wondered what’s involved in preparing the lists for you? The Library’s Reading List team will take you through what happens… By Lizzie Morrison   An […]

Get Familiar: Learning Grid Rootes

Ever wandered into Costa and started to feel guilty, seeing loads of people walking past with books, in work mode? You’re getting coffee and they’re walking by, in a rush to do some serious studying. Where? It seemed that Rootes building definitely wasn’t cut out for all those hard-working students to be… learning? Here’s a […]

Mindfulness: the Student Edition

Yet another hipster fad? We beg to differ. Read more on how mindfulness practice can improve wellbeing and academic performance… What’s all the hype about? Mindfulness has recently gained popularity, but it existed long before magazines and colouring books. The mindfulness was initially grounded in Buddhism, but its secular form was embraced by clinical psychology […]

New to Warwick? Navigate your way with the Library

Bubble or not, when you’re new to Warwick, the campus can be pretty daunting… There’s the brief flood of panic when you nonchalantly accept a 10am Chemistry block rendezvous, before realising you have no idea where the Chemistry block is. And when you finally twig you’ve been walking in the wrong direction for 10 minutes, […]

Understanding Library terminology: Part I

I must admit the library can be rather intimidating, with its bizarre series of terms which only seems to be understood by hermits who have permanently retreated to its mysterious depths. Let me translate… By Lorna Khemraz Follow me in my transition from denial to actually looking up these strange words which fill up the […]

Behind the scenes of Customer Support

Behind the scenes of Customer Support. Library assistant Claire Callan shares her experience and tips… Libraries. Quite straightforward things surely? Put books in buildings, take them out on loan, return them, try not to get a fine… Well, the world of university libraries (and The University of Warwick Library in particular) is actually quite a […]

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