Learning While You are Teaching

Ironically, teaching isn’t an entirely one-way process. While talking out loud, and finding the clearest ways to articulate yourself, you get quite a good deal as a teacher. And there’s no need to take a professional qualification to reap these benefits because you can even just help your friends… I have just returned from my […]

Textbooks: try before you buy

Remember when Harry Potter got his letter from Hogwarts? And attached was a list of all the books he needed to buy? Remember wanting that exact list, rushing out to Flourish and Blotts and buying each and every one of them? The only bit J.K. Rowling didn’t mention was that he probably didn’t need half […]

Focus on…the digital Loeb Classical Library

Unless you’re a Classicist, you may not have noticed that the University now has a subscription to the digital Loeb Classical Library. Still not sure why you should be interested? You’d be surprised how many disciplines this vast online collection could turn out to be useful for… by Helen Ireland     What is it? […]

Fold your way to relaxation

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and wellbeing. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break… Calling all stressed students (and procrastinators): origami is officially the best form of five-minute relaxation in the world. When your essay is swimming in front of you like an inky soup, or you realise that you’ve been reading […]

Top 10 tips to avoid plagiarism

Pre-article mythbusters… It’s ok to pass someone else’s work for your own as long as this doesn’t exceed 10% of your assignment. It makes you sound clever if you pass an academic’s work off as your own.  My tutor wants to know how many authoritative sources I’ve read, not what I think of them…..by Tracy Dix […]

How did Dolly become famous?

How did Dolly become famous? From taking the stage of “The Cas Walker Farm and Home Hour” in Knoxville, TN, to landing a spot on “The Porter Wagoner Show,” Dolly’s talent soon catapulted her to super-stardom. Her songs have captured the hearts of generations. How did Dolly Parton contribute to country music? Born on January […]

Can birth certificates be copied?

Can birth certificates be copied? Can I Photocopy My Own Birth Certificate? In most states, it’s _not _illegal to obtain a birth certificate photocopy of your _own _records for personal use —unless, of course, your purpose is to commit fraud. However, it is illegal to photocopy a third person’s vital records with out their consent. […]

Is Helen Palmer Dr Seuss?

Is Helen Palmer Dr Seuss? Helen Palmer Geisel was Dr. Seuss’s first wife. She met first met her future husband at Oxford University in England and married him in 1927. She had a major influence on her husband’s life and career, including presuading him to take up a career in art. Can you still buy […]

Does DMA use physical or virtual addresses?

Does DMA use physical or virtual addresses? In some simple systems, the device can do DMA directly to physical address Y. But in many others, there is IOMMU hardware that translates DMA addresses to physical addresses, e.g., it translates Z to Y. What is the function of DMA controller? A DMA controller can generate memory […]

How do I keep my dorm room clean?

How do I keep my dorm room clean? How often should I clean my dorm room? Daily cleaning tasks. Make your bed. Tidy up. Do your dishes. Weekly cleaning tasks. Vacuum/sweep and mop. Do your laundry. Clean out the fridge. Monthly cleaning tasks. Dust. Clean the windows and mirrors. Wipe down appliances, inside and out. […]

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