Inside the Library’s Labyrinth #7 – The Power of Three

This week’s highlighted resource is Archives Direct which comprises three separate primary resource databases that contain a wide range of documents, maps, newspapers and significant people profiles which can be accessed here. If you want somebody to remember your point or phrase or information, then put it in three separate parts.  For as long as […]

Library Study spaces on campus

We are back, baby! Well, not quite. At least not quite in the way we would prefer. It would be much better to be able to walk you through our library and welcome all of you in a warm embrace, but that is not possible right now. We need to be flexible, and not all […]

Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!

The sun is scorching, bearing its harsh light onto students who continue to study over the summer. It becomes humid, suffocating and very sweaty! However, there are quite a few hacks that can be incorporated to make working much easier, no matter the temperature!… By Kayvon Taee Don’t be a fool, stay cool! As I […]

6 Things to do over Christmas if you’re on Campus

Stop. I know what you’re thinking. The Christmas cheer, we all used to have as kids, has disintegrated into essay writing overload. ‘Fancy going for a coffee?’ my friends say whilst I wonder if needing to write FOURTEEN THOUSAND words over the Christmas break is a good enough excuse to not go. The Christmas period […]

Why Should you Study Abroad?

Are you interested in studying abroad? Is the idea of spending a term or an even year in a foreign country calling to you, but you’re not quite sure if you should go or not? If you’re in any doubt and looking for a reason why, read on! …. By Ella Hillyard Speaking from personal […]

Home and away: Top tips for distance learners

Are you a distance learner? Whether you’re in Brentwood or Benidorm, you’ll know that studying off campus can be hard. So catch-up with the Library, learn about our top tips and be absolutely fabulous!… by Oriane Boulay  Studying off campus can be hard. You might have other commitments, such as work or child care and […]

You said, we did; The Library is going 24 hours!

We have some very exciting news for you… The Library is going 24 hours! Great news for you night owls and early morning larks! Find out more… One of our joys at the Library is granting your wishes, though these usually take the form of book requests rather than pumpkin carriages and glass slippers. So […]

Brain foods – boost your brainpower

Does what you eat really affect your studying? We asked students last year for their top revision and study tips, and some of their tips involved food and drink. Here’s what they said about eating and drinking to help you study.             Keep hydrated Drink lots of water to stay […]

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