Save Time without Cutting Corners

Balancing various different assignments can be tricky for any student. Give yourself the best chance of doing all your pieces of work to the best of your ability by using these time-saving tips…By Rachael Davies Use the tools available to you One of the biggest time-drainers in pieces of written work is referencing. Many students […]

5 Tips to Improve your Wellbeing

It’s that time of year where exams are imminent and dissertations loom. The third term can get stressful and isolating when you’re working independently. But there are plenty of ways to unwind and look after yourself…By Isla Stroyan “Self-care” was a phrase that until recently, I didn’t like. It screamed self-indulgence and thinking of yourself […]

5 steps to creating effective visual presentations

Giving a presentation is something that you’ll have to do sooner or later at university. Let’s face it, it’s an important skill for societies, job interviews and other aspects of life too whether you like it or not! If you dread doing presentations, haven’t done one before and don’t know where to start, or just […]

How to Create a Study Schedule

We’re now half way through the term and deadlines are probably about to start creeping up. If you hadn’t already, It’s about the right time to develop a study schedule. Not sure where to start? Use these simple tips to help create a study schedule that will last throughout the year… By Rachael Davies Developing […]

Study Spots on Campus

While your first year at Warwick might not initially require as much study as your later years, you’ll need to knuckle down and open the textbooks sooner or later. When the time comes and the library is filled with upper years, however, there may not be a seat in sight. As such, I present to […]

Write Here, Write Now!

As July rolls around, campus empties and the weather significantly improves. All you want to do is lie is the sun, enjoy an ice cream, have a BBQ with friends… but you’re stuck inside chipping away at your Master’s dissertation. Ugh! If staying focused feels impossible and you’re spending far more time scrolling through Facebook […]

The final stages of dissertation writing

The final weeks before you submit your dissertation are stressful… “Should I redraft my second chapter?” “Have I cited that correctly?” “How am I going to cut down to the word count?” Here are five tips to help you push through those final stages… by Kumail Jaffer   Back in the Autumn, when choosing your […]

‘Twas the Warwick Library Advent Calendar

We were busy throughout the month asking our friends and colleagues around the University for their seasonal book, film and TV recommendations. We gathered them all together and shared them with you over the last 25 days on Twitter under #WarwickLibraryAdvent. But you won’t have to scroll through our feed to see them all as […]

Trick or Treat? 10 picks to help you face your fears

Have you had enough of zombies or nurses costumes and scary movies? Already read Dracula and Frankenstein? Halloween is here so we thought we’d give you a different way to celebrate by sharing our best Library picks to help you face your fears… By Oriane Boulay   1. Atychiphobia (Fear of failure) Let’s start with […]

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