4 Study Apps to Get You Ready for Exams!

Finding it difficult to maintain your concentration when revising or don’t know if your studying is efficient enough? Next thing you know you’re taking an extended break that was meant to only last 5 minutes. Trust me, we’ve all been there. With exams being around the corner though, it’s important to study smarter, not harder. […]

Kirby Takes a Course with Your Library Online!

To get a head start with spring term, up his research game and learn more about Library resources, Kirby (the Library’s Study Happy penguin) has been exploring the Library’s collection of free online courses. Read his story (told by Emma Brown – Academic Support) The Library seemed like a huge place for a 5 inch […]

3 Easy ways to prepare ahead for revision

Writing out equations on your shower window? Spelling out key-terms in your alphabetti spaghetti? Looks like you need some help with preparing for revision I’ll be the first to say it: exams are horrible, stressful and downright detestable. However, they’re pretty compulsory for, y’know, a degree. But not to worry, I’m here to offer you […]

Get Familiar: The Modern Records Centre

Struggling to find original source material? Want to make your essay stand out? Here’s how to get ahead by using the Modern Records Centre (MRC) and its archives…by Nuala Clarke We’ve all been there; staring up at the looming gap of oblivion where your book should be. You check your code again. You look around the […]

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