Non-Academic Lessons of a Year Abroad

Whilst a ‘study abroad’ programme does involve learning and attending your host university, you can absorb so much outside of your lecture theatre. Studying abroad is a huge journey of personal growth, and creating your own story…By Ciara Brodi Independence Undergraduates at the University of Warwick can probably remember their very first term as being […]

Learning While You are Teaching

Ironically, teaching isn’t an entirely one-way process. While talking out loud, and finding the clearest ways to articulate yourself, you get quite a good deal as a teacher. And there’s no need to take a professional qualification to reap these benefits because you can even just help your friends…By Ciara Brodi I have just returned […]

A Guide to Prioritising your Time

Things can start to feel overwhelming at the end of Term 2. Is it even possible to get everything done on time? Yes!  Here’s five tips how to more efficiently prioritise your time during these hectic final weeks of term… By Amy Preston As we’re approaching the end of Term 2, things can start feeling […]

What I Wish I Would Have Known

No amount of advice for returning to University is too much – here’s how to make the most out of your second term!… By Kumail Jaffer Going into my penultimate term of final year, I often find myself somewhat nostalgic about earlier terms. This article is meant for freshers, first years – who’ll likely be […]

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