Am I a Researcher?

Unsure whether a final year research project or dissertation is for you? Interested in creative ways to build your skills and confidence for employers? Want more than just to be told what knowledge is important? To see how students can drive and shape their own learning experience at Warwick, Katie explores the possibilities and opportunities […]

The Library by the Numbers

Ever wondered, how many people come into the Library in a year, or how long all the bookshelves would be if you stacked them end to end? These impressive Library statistics might satisfy your curiosity… Words and pictures by Chris Vernon  Have you ever found yourself queuing to get into the Library and idly wondered how […]

Doing your course from your bed…

Worried that your inability to get out of bed is hindering your work?  I am living proof that you can do your course from bed. Let me put your fears to rest…  by Nuala Clarke I should start by saying that I am a very, very lazy person. I could probably win awards for my laziness […]

Is it all on Google? 5 top search tips

Time is ticking by and your essay deadline is looming. Your tutor, Professor Moriarty, has set you a truly obscure essay question and you have no idea where to start. Clearly this is all part of some evil conspiracy to stop you from getting the great grades you deserve. How can you quickly find the […]

Is Pine good for indoor fireplace?

Is Pine good for indoor fireplace? Pine is good firewood if you are going to use if for kindling. It makes a great fire-starter, but because of its high sap and resin content, you should consider whether you want to use it exclusively as an indoor firewood. Its a messy wood to work with, but […]

Can you farm salmon on land?

Can you farm salmon on land? In a series of indoor tanks 40 miles south west of Miami, Florida, five million fish are swimming in circles a very long way from home. The facility, called the Bluehouse, opened its first phase last year, and intends to be the world’s largest land-based fish farm. … What […]

What horse is on the Mustang logo?

What horse is on the Mustang logo? Fun fact: the galloping horse logo is always facing left to distinguish it as a wild horse, not a domesticated racing horse, which faces right. The original logo has red, white and blue stripes behind it, representing the American flag. Was the Ford Mustang named after a horse? […]

Who signs the guest book at a funeral?

Who signs the guest book at a funeral? If you attend the funeral or memorial service, you should sign the guestbook. Depending on the size of the funeral there may be multiple guestbooks, and you should sign only one. As the guestbook is meant to give the family a record of those who attended, it […]

How do geese get food?

How do geese get food? Most waterfowl eat aquatic plants and animals, but geese gather most of their food on land. Most are vegetarian, grazing on land near fresh water, or feeding on leftover seeds in fields. Geese can tear up grass by gripping clumps in their beaks, and then giving them a sharp tug. […]

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