Choosing to stay

Some undergraduate and master’s students are likely considering the option to further their education. The next decision is, of course, whether or not to remain at Warwick for the next stage of their studies. The Staff at the Library will not try to persuade them when a fellow student can do it so well!… by […]

A View from the Library Reading List Team

Did you know that as you stride around the library looking for a book, there’s a hive of activity going on beneath your feet? Find out more about your reading list team… By Danielle Dafforn The reading list team are people you may not have met on your study trips, and perhaps you don’t even […]

Are you in a relationship… with the Library?

I don’t need to tell you that today is Valentine’s Day. The countless Facebook posts and Instagram photos make this knowledge unavoidable. But for many, the day isn’t spent being bombarded with roses or attempting to cook calzone for paramours. It is spent with your truest love: the Library.   Now you may be fully aware of […]

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