How to create the perfect home working environment

As the library can be one of the most productive places to write essays, conduct research and get university work done, some of you might be worried about how you will work effectively from home. To help you overcome any intimidation about working from home, here are some tips on how to maximise the most […]

Software to support you study

One of the University’s best-kept secrets is the vast amount of software available to help improve your studies. Not everyone has a traditional learning style. Some of us like to map our ideas out visually, others may prefer to hear things out loud to improve understanding; the key is everyone learns differently… By Laura Waller […]

Human Library: Which Book Will You Read?

In this blog post, Aysa talks about the second Human Library event taking place at the University of Warwick. The Human Library helps to overcome stigma, combat prejudice, dismantle stereotypes, inform ignorance, clarify misconceptions, debunk myths, end discrimination, and challenge negative attitudes through conversations with Human Books… By Aysa Ozcan The Human Library event came […]

Read&Write Gold: Your literacy study buddy

Have you ever heard about Read&Write Gold? It seems to be a well-kept secret but it shouldn’t be! Read&Write supports you whilst you study, making tasks such as reading, notetaking, and essay writing easier. Want to know more….? By Laura Waller Introduction So let’s unfold the mystery that is Read&Write Gold. Read&Write Gold is a […]

4 Ways to Make the Most of your Study Break

Just like a light bulb needs to recharge itself, so do you. Taking regular breaks is an essential part of your studying. This is especially important during Term 3 amidst exams and deadlines. Various studies have shown that study breaks aid your concentration, productivity and overall retention of knowledge. So, make sure you choose the […]

Start thinking about your dissertation NOW

If you’re a finalist next academic year there’s a good chance you’ll have the option to take a dissertation module. Some of you might not have the choice at all! Either way, if a dissertation is something you’ll be working on next year, it’s never too early to make a start. Get a ahead of […]

Alternatives to a Summer Internship

So you’ve not got an internship lined up for summer. Maybe you’re still looking for a way to use the summer months to help give you a head start in your career? If you’re lucky enough to know the career path you want to take, an internship could be great for you. However, they aren’t […]

Three things that can go wrong during your exam!

The things that can go wrong before an exam are easy to prepare for — not enough revision, a bad night’s sleep or just generally feeling the pressure. But what about during your exam? When all of your work comes down to a single paper, the last thing you want is for anything to go […]

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