The Library by the Numbers

Ever wondered, how many people come into the Library in a year, or how long all the bookshelves would be if you stacked them end to end? These impressive Library statistics might satisfy your curiosity… Words and pictures by Chris Vernon  Have you ever found yourself queuing to get into the Library and idly wondered how […]

How To Overcome Presentation Misnomers

If you’re in university for any length of time then chances are you’re going to have to give a presentation. It may be for a seminar, assessment, job interview, conference, or something else entirely…By Philip Gaydon While some of us relish the opportunity to stand up and spout our opinions on a subject, others break […]

Thinking of starting a blog?

So you’re thinking of starting a blog. Many questions may be going through your mind: How do I get started? What will I write about? What should I call my blog? Will anyone read it? Do I actually want anyone to read it?! Here are some tips to help get you started… Sometimes starting a […]

Aesop’s study blog

Fables for the studying student; take a look at some Aesop inspired advice on how to tackle library life… by Laura Primiceri Evil tendencies are shown in early life Once (many times), a student realised that their tutor wouldn’t pressure them to speak during seminars, and that even if they did, there was another student […]

It’s time for yoga…in the library!

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and well-being. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break… Library yoga can be risky. Choose an inopportune moment to strike the Warrior I pose or an Intense Side Angle, or maybe the Lord of Fishes stance while you’re in the silent study area, and you might end […]

Fold your way to relaxation

Rest periods are proven to improve your study and wellbeing. Here’s a tempting activity for today’s #studyhappy Library break… Calling all stressed students (and procrastinators): origami is officially the best form of five-minute relaxation in the world. When your essay is swimming in front of you like an inky soup, or you realise that you’ve been reading […]

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