End of Year Reflections

Many congratulations are in order. Well done for finishing another year. Exams are over and the dissertation is finished. Whether this is your final farewell to Warwick or you’ve just completed your first year, here are some things to reflect on… by Amy Preston Make a list of all you’ve achieved this year Take the […]

What’s new at the Library

It’s the start of Term 2 and we are delighted to have a full campus once more! It’s particularly exciting to welcome you with the news of what’s new at the Library… By Sofia Rios   Did you know that the Library has invested £730,000 in new e-books and electronic resources to support your study […]

Navigating your research journey

 “It’s a dangerous business, student, starting out your research. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.” – J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, probably.   Pick a topic If a wizard turned up at your door and offered you […]

What’s in a name? Statistics can tell you…

Have you used statistics for your research? Want to know more about how to use them and which you can trust? Read on… By Helen Riley  Did you know…? In 2013 the most popular baby girl’s name in England and Wales was Amelia, and the most popular baby boy’s name  was Oliver – but if […]

Happy April Fools’ Day!

Sorry folks, it was in fact an April Fools joke. No therapy penguins to pet, but there’ll be lots of other events occurring in Term 3 to help you #StudyHappy. Our Original Post: Therapy Penguins at the Library in Term 3 Stressed out about exams? Following the success of the therapy dogs, we’re getting in […]

Our experienced writers share their revision wisdom

In the words of Jimi Hendix: Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens. So here are some top exam tips from our extremely wise, incredibly experienced and downright gorgeous writers:          Could you explain the subject to a monkey?  Ondrej Bajgar If you truly understand a subject, you should be able to clearly explain it […]

How many times can you fail the bar exam in Ontario?

How many times can you fail the bar exam in Ontario? During your Licensing Term you may not write either the Barrister Licensing Examination or the Solicitor Licensing Examination more than three times, or, if you have been authorized by the Executive Director, Professional Development and Competence pursuant to the Lawyer Licensing Process Policies, more […]

How old are 777 planes?

How old are 777 planes? The 777 program was launched in October 1990 with an order from United Airlines. In June 1995, United flew its first 777 in revenue service. The Boeing board of directors authorized production of the 777-300 on June 26, 1995, and the first 777-300 was delivered to Cathay Pacific Airways in […]

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