4 Study Apps to Get You Ready for Exams!

Finding it difficult to maintain your concentration when revising or don’t know if your studying is efficient enough? Next thing you know you’re taking an extended break that was meant to only last 5 minutes. Trust me, we’ve all been there. With exams being around the corner though, it’s important to study smarter, not harder. […]

Summer hacks – How to study in the melting heat!

The sun is scorching, bearing its harsh light onto students who continue to study over the summer. It becomes humid, suffocating and very sweaty! However, there are quite a few hacks that can be incorporated to make working much easier, no matter the temperature!… By Kayvon Taee Don’t be a fool, stay cool! As I […]

Thefts in the Library: the story so far…

It’s a very sad fact, but thefts happen – even in our beloved Library that feels like home. The impact of having your personal belongings taken can be devastating – but it takes just a moment. The Library has been working hard to help you avoid this fate. Find out what’s been going on, and […]

How to learn beyond your degree

There are times when no matter how much love something, too much of it can make it seem monotonous. It can make someone feel more drained and less motivated to carry on learning. However, they say variety is the spice of life and this definitely holds true when it comes studying! With this article, hopefully, […]

Festive reading suggestions for all tastes

Christmas vacation can be a funny a time of year. I’ve found that after a full-on intensive term, I’m not quite sure what do with myself when I suddenly have four empty (or at least emptier) weeks to fill. Likely, there are some deadlines to be aware of, and a voice at the back of […]

The Modern Records Centre: An Introduction

On the ground floor of the Library Extension Building, with its own entrance facing Senate House, is the Modern Records Centre (MRC). You may have noticed it. You may even have visited it to look at a thesis (it holds Warwick University doctoral theses that have not yet been digitised) or a rare book from […]

Patting away your exam stress…

Brace yourself… the PAT dogs are coming! That’s right, the most anticipated and exciting event on campus is here again! Read to find out more about what the charity Pets as Therapy do and how to sign up for your termly puppy cuddles… by Daryl Johnson Dogs are great. I would go so far as […]

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