Welcome to Warwick: Meet your Library

So all your hard work has paid off and you’re coming to Warwick.  Congratulations on leaving that sixth form behind and moving on up into higher education. We’re the Library, let’s get acquainted… So it’s finally here. A-level results day and you were up early, logging on to your UCAS account and getting in touch […]

The 6 stages of dissertation submission

It might feel a bit unbelievable but you’re nearly done. After twelve months of work, stress, essays, reports, all nighters in the library and more cups of coffee than are strictly healthy you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the fun isn’t over quite yet – post dissertation hand-in can […]

Picture this: finding and using online images

If a picture tells a thousand words and you have to prepare a presentation or a poster for an assignment, a great way to increase the impact is to use images to illustrate your points and add a little visual flair… By Helen Curtis Images can be really effective in engaging your audience and can […]

How to manage your postgraduate stress

Postgraduate stress, otherwise known as the scourge of spring, manifests when inkwells and printer cartridges have run low, when tensions are high and essays nigh due…By Eric Baron. Some students might try and charge through, pass on a night’s worth of sleep and build a barricade in the library, or drop an extra espresso shot […]

The Eurosceptic meets the European Documentation Centre

It’s got more than just prohibitions on eating your own horse. Ask your Librarian to get the most out of the European Documentation Centre.…by Stephen Soanes The European Documentation Centre at Warwick can help you get involved in the great debates of our time. Studying climate change? Interested in how we farm our food? Want […]

Where can I find free publication journals?

Where can I find free publication journals? The Top 21 Free Online Journal and Research Databases CORE. CORE is a multidisciplinary aggregator of open access research. ScienceOpen. Directory of Open Access Journals. Education Resources Information Center. arXiv e-Print Archive. Social Science Research Network. Public Library of Science. OpenDOAR. Which is better IEEE or ACM? To […]

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