E-books – The Seven E’s: A Librarian’s Perspective

E-books are educational, effective, easy-to-use (for the most part), expeditious – and are becoming increasingly essential for teaching and learning. But they can also be exorbitant, exasperating and are sometimes inexplicably unavailable at all. They infuriate librarians but we’d be at a loss without them, particularly in a pandemic. This article gives a Librarian’s view […]

Read&Write Gold: Your literacy study buddy

Have you ever heard about Read&Write Gold? It seems to be a well-kept secret but it shouldn’t be! Read&Write supports you whilst you study, making tasks such as reading, notetaking, and essay writing easier. Want to know more….? By Laura Waller Introduction So let’s unfold the mystery that is Read&Write Gold. Read&Write Gold is a […]

Try Something New

The University of Warwick is known not just for what it can offer academically, but also its extracurricular activities. Striking a balance can be hard sometimes, but here’s how the University can help maintain a healthy balance between study and leisure…By Rachael Davies. Make the SU your SU Being a campus university, Warwick is often […]

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