Top Tips for using the Library remotely

Did you know there is more to the Library than a bricks and mortar building? So long as you have internet access you can use the millions of e-resources online via the Library website! Here are some tips on how you can keep using the Library while you study, research or teach remotely.  1.  Get […]

The Panic of Presentations: How to feel prepared

Presentations can be a massive source of stress, particularly if you’re someone who hates public speaking. Unfortunately, the likelihood is that at some point in your university career and beyond, you’ll be asked to give a presentation, and there’ll be no escape! But even if presentations make you feel like running for the hills, don’t […]

Keep it Safe. The story continues…

Unfortunately, thieves could be lurking anywhere, even in a library! Clare and Sam share some info on how to keep your belongings safe: ‘She [Hermione Granger] gave the fragile-looking bag a little shake and it echoed like a cargo hold as a number of heavy objects rolled around inside it. ‘Oh, damn, that’ll be the […]

Kirby Takes a Course with Your Library Online!

To get a head start with spring term, up his research game and learn more about Library resources, Kirby (the Library’s Study Happy penguin) has been exploring the Library’s collection of free online courses. Read his story (told by Emma Brown – Academic Support) The Library seemed like a huge place for a 5 inch […]

Making the most of Welcome Week

Beginning Monday 23rd September this year, you can expect a week that will welcome you into Warwick in every way you can imagine! It will help you to settle in, or perhaps integrate yourself back in if you are already a student here. Here are some highlights that you can look forward to… By Ciara […]

4 tips to take effective lecture notes

Lectures can be a struggle when first starting university, especially frantically making scribbles just trying to keep up! However, it is easy to become a seasoned veteran in note-taking whether you are in lectures or at the University of Warwick Library. This blog is aimed at all who are currently studying an academic subject, regardless […]

You’re Almost There!

By now you’ve probably submitted all of your coursework, you’re about to begin revision for the final string of exams and the end of the year is in sight… Celebrating before you’ve finished exams might sound premature, but taking to time to reflect on your current successes and achievements doesn’t have to take long! Whether […]

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