Library Life: My week as an Arts student

“Miaow! Lillie Almond, studying a Writing MA.” “Sorry, what was that?” This is the usual start of any conversation in which I introduce my current university course. Allow me to explain… By Lillie Almond   Day 1 I realise it’s a Monday and that this means the start of the week… for most people. My […]

Vital Library tools for Masters dissertation success

legislationWhen your dissertation storm strikes, don’t get caught without an umbrella…By Karina Beck.   Dissertation station at the PG Hub If you are a postgraduate student writing your dissertation, then this is especially for you. The programme runs from April to June and offers a variety of events that will help you manage your work-life […]

What is the copyright term?

What is the copyright term? A copyright has a “term” or length, depending on when the work itself was created. For works created after January 1, 1978, the term of copyright is the life of the author plus 70 years or, if the work is a Work-for-Hire, the term is 95 years from first Publication […]

How long does a SafeAssign report take?

How long does a SafeAssign report take? 30 minutes Why does SafeAssign say report in progress? A SafeAssign section appears in the grading sidebar. If you have just submitted the assignment, the report may still be processing and “Report in progress…” may appear. If this happens, check back in a few minutes and the report […]

What is a seminal research study?

What is a seminal research study? Seminal works, sometimes called pivotal or landmark studies, are articles that initially presented an idea of great importance or influence within a particular discipline. Identifying seminal articles relies heavily on your own thoroughness in the examination and synthesis of the scholarly literature. What are some examples of seminal works? […]

How does beauty pageants affect society?

How does beauty pageants affect society? In conclusion, young girls who compete in beauty pageants may experience low self-esteem and depression as adults, so beauty pageants have negative effects because they maintain women should be tall, thin, and conventionally beautiful in order to have successful lives. What is wrong with beauty pageants? Child beauty pageants […]

What have you learned in history?

What have you learned in history? History gives us the opportunity to learn from past mistakes. It helps us understand the many reasons why people may behave the way they do. As a result, it helps us become more compassionate as people and more impartial as decision makers. Our judicial system is a perfect example […]

How does SafeAssign work on Blackboard?

How does SafeAssign work on Blackboard? SafeAssign compares submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works. SafeAssign originality reports provide detailed information about the matches found between a student’s submitted paper and existing sources. How do I use SafeAssign before submitting? Before you […]

How do you footnote an article?

How do you footnote an article? 2001, 37-52. Footnote A footnote for a newspaper article should include: Name of author (if known); title of the article, month, day and year of publication; the edition (final, West Coast, etc.) if available; the section if in print or the URL if found online. You can omit page […]

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