Did Guy Fawkes have a wife?

Did Guy Fawkes have a wife?

Guy Fawkes, the only son of a Edward Fawkes and his wife, Edith Jackson, was born in York in 1570. Edward Fawkes died in January, 1579, and three years later his widow married Denis Bainbridge of Scotton, a Roman Catholic.

Are Guy Fawkes siblings?

Elizabeth FawkesAnne Fawkes

When did james1 die?


How did james1 die?

In early 1625, James was plagued by severe attacks of arthritis, gout, and fainting fits, and fell seriously ill in March with tertian ague and then suffered a stroke. He died at Theobalds House on 27 March during a violent attack of dysentery, with Buckingham at his bedside.

Did james1 kill anyone?

James was assassinated at Perth on the night of 20/21 February 1437 in a failed coup by his uncle Walter Stewart, Earl of Atholl. Queen Joan, although wounded, managed to evade the attackers and reached her son, now King James II, in Edinburgh Castle….James I of Scotland.

James I
Religion Roman Catholic
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Who was Charles the First?

Charles I was the king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1625 to 1649. Like his father, James I, and grandmother Mary, Queen of Scots, Charles I ruled with a heavy hand. His frequent quarrels with Parliament ultimately provoked a civil war that led to his execution on January 30, 1649.

Where is Charles 1 buried?

St George’s Chapel, Windsor, United Kingdom

Where is Cromwell’s head now?

Cromwell’s head became a peculiar collector’s item in the centuries that followed, passing through many hands on it’s way to its final burial place in Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge.

What happened to Cromwell’s head after he died?

After the Lord Protector’s corpse was decapitated, his head was put on a spike above Westminster Hall. It stayed there for the remainder of Charles’ reign, and well into that of his brother, James II.

Who was Oliver Cromwell’s son?

Richard Cromwell

Where is Charles 2 buried?


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