Did Jade West have a nose piercing?

Did Jade West have a nose piercing?

Jade also has multiple streaks in her hair, which change from time to time in color but mostly they are blue, and two piercings one on her left eyebrow and one on her nose (which she got 45 minutes after her mother told her not to.).

Why does Tori only wear one earring?

However, Victoria cleared this up by saying that they’ve butted heads but at the end of the day they support each other. Ariana Grande had to dye her hair red for the show, because they didn’t want all of the main characters to have brown hair. Victoria Justice wore a single feather earring in almost all episodes.

What is wrong with cat in victorious?

Cat Valentine: Cat is so aloof because she is suffering through emotional, sexual, and potentially physical abuse from her brother (who has been referred to in the show as “crazy,”) She is on anti-depressants which make her so perky, and her brothers abuse has caused her to revert back to a childlike state to help cope …

Does Cat’s brother abuse her?

It might not be all the time, but it does happen. It is in this very Episode 1-3 that Cat starts to process her at home abuse from her older brother (as seen later in this post…). He has been teasing her for some time, and she is starting to make cries for help indirectly.

Why is Cat Valentine hair red?

Cat originally explained that she dyed her hair red because it is the same color as a red velvet cupcake, which is her favorite dessert. The blood seeped into her hair and stained it red. When Cat liked the color, she decided to dye it red permanently.

Is Goomer Cat’s brother?

Before #NewGoat aired a lot of fans thought Goomer would be Cat’s brother who she often mentioned on Victorious. It is revealed in #MommaGoomer that he was adopted after his mom’s dog ran away.

Did anyone else play cat in victorious?

Catarina “Cat” Valentine (portrayed by Ariana Grande) is one of Tori’s eccentric friends from Hollywood Arts. Cat is also an extremely talented singer and actress, as seen in “Freak The Freak Out” where she sings a duet with Jade, and in the crossover episode “iParty with Victorious” where she shows a high vocal range.

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