Do you need to clean donkeys hooves?

Do you need to clean donkeys hooves?

Donkeys are adapted to dry climates so hooves have a higher water content and are more ‘elastic’ than horse hooves. Trim every 6-10 weeks as required. Take care with older donkeys — arthritic changes may mean they resent lifting of the limbs.

How often do you have to trim donkey hooves?

every 6-10 weeks

Can donkeys eat too much hay?

Most of their diet should consist of grass or a mature or low NSC grass hay, but careful attention should be placed on making sure the quality and quantity is not causing them to become too overweight. Many donkeys will do best when fed their hay in several small meals a day or limit hay if they have access to grazing.

Do donkeys eat straw or hay?

Donkeys have developed several adaptations to survive successfully on these fibrous, low-nutrition foods. Therefore, experts typically recommend feeding donkeys forages with high fiber content and low nutritional value. Straw typically fills these criteria.

Do donkeys eat weeds?

Donkeys eat meadow grasses and “weeds”, but they also will eat tree leaves and even tree bark. They also love things like carrots and apples and, as you have learned, your ornamental lawn plants.

Can a donkey eat goat feed?

A little sweet feed for them morning and night is just fine. Just make sure not to overdo it…they really don’t need much if any at all. They usually don’t need loose minerals, though if you can find a good horse mineral for them that works.

How do I keep my donkey busy?

Take an old bucket and drill some holes in the bottom. Place donkey treats inside it and hang it from the barn ceiling (or other high place where there is room for it to swing). Trying to get the treats out of the bucket will keep your donkeys amused for hours! Donkeys love stripping the bark from willow logs.

Do donkeys keep coyotes away?

Yes Donkeys are able to keep coyotes away. Donkeys have a natural affinity to avoid coyotes and other predators. So, whether they are defending themselves from a threat or other animals’ that they view as part of their herd, donkeys naturally want to get rid of those pesky animals that pose a threat.

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