Does ASP NET require IIS?

Does ASP NET require IIS?

The answer is, no you don’t. In short ASP.NET MVC can technically be run by any web server that can allow the website itself to handle the requests instead of the web server handling them. You need IIS to get ASP.NET to work (MVC or WebForms).

Can ASP NET application run without web config?

Yes, we can run an Asp.Net web application without web. config file but without in debugging mode. If we don’t configure any settings in web. config file contains default settings for all the web applications which will be applied to all applications.

Can we run .NET application without Visual Studio?

Actually to run the web application you do not need Visual Studio to be installed on your computer. You just have to make sure IIS 7.0 is installed properly with all the required features, firewall is not blocking and have proper permission to access the application.

What is ASP NET and IIS?

Internet Information Server (IIS) is one of the most popular web servers from Microsoft that is used to host and provide Internet-based services to ASP.NET and ASP Web applications. Internet Information Server (IIS) has it’s own ASP.NET Process Engine to handle the ASP.NET request.

What is the difference between ASP and ASPX?

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is commonly known as Classic ASP or ASP Classic. It is a server-side scripting environment that is developed and released by Microsoft. . aspx is the filename for a page designed by ASP.NET.

What does ASP stand for?


Acronym Definition
ASP Application Service Provider
ASP Active Server Page (Microsoft script engine)
ASP After School Program
ASP Association of Surfing Professionals

Is ASP Net still used?

When it’s about 2020, again a big YES. Until the middle of 2019, ASP.NET has been being used as a server-side framework for web app development. But now, you can build SPA web apps with Blazor instead of using some client-side JS based framework like Angular or library like React.

What is Asp Net Interview Questions?

ASP.NET Interview Questions

  • 1) What is ASP? ASP stands for Active Server Pages.
  • 2) What is ASP.NET?
  • 3) What is the difference between the ASP and ASP.NET?
  • 4) What is IIS?
  • 5) What is the usage of IIS?
  • 6) What is a multilingual website?
  • 7) What is caching?
  • 8) what are the main requirements for caching?

Which is tough .NET or Java?

NET (C#) are similar in approach. Each has its own set of followers who have their reasons to find one preferred over the other. However, experts believe that Java being innately intuitive, and with fewer components is easier to learn.

What is difference between PostBack and IsPostBack?

Postback is actually sending all the information from client to web server, then web server process all those contents and returns back to the client. IsPostBack property will be set to true when the page is executing after a postback, and false otherwise.

What is round trip in asp net?

A roundtrip involves making a complete trip over the network to the Web server and getting the response back. Every time a Web server responds to a page request, it freshly creates the resources required to create the page, sends the page to the requesting client and destroys the page resources from the server.

What are the 3 types of sessions?

three types of session in

  • inprocess session.
  • out Process session.
  • SQl-server session.

Why ASP is used?

ASP.NET is written using Object Oriented Programming languages such as C# or Object Oriented Programming provides a framework and patterns for code organization and reuse. As a whole, ASP.NET is a great framework to use when developing web sites and web applications.

What is ViewState used for?

ViewState in ASP.Net ViewState is a important client side state management technique. ViewState is used to store user data on page at the time of post back of web page. ViewState does not hold the controls, it holds the values of controls. It does not restore the value to control after page post back.

Is ViewState secure?

The VIEWSTATE is a security risk if it is not encrypted (anyone could modify the VIEWSTATE values and POST to your pages.) If that page can decode the VIEWSTATE then it is not encrypted.

What is the use of EnableViewState property in asp net?

Explain the purpose of EnableViewState property. – It allows the page to save the users input on a form across postbacks. – It saves the server-side values for a given control into ViewState, which is stored as a hidden value on the page before sending the page to the clients browser.

What is use of ViewState in asp net?

View state is the method that the ASP.NET page framework uses to preserve page and control values between round trips. When the HTML markup for the page is rendered, the current state of the page and values that must be retained during postback are serialized into base64-encoded strings.

What is the use of PostBack in asp net?

PostBack is the name given to the process of submitting an ASP.NET page to the server for processing. PostBack is done if certain credentials of the page are to be checked against some sources (such as verification of username and password using database).

What is ASP Net life cycle?

When an ASP.NET page runs, the page goes through a life cycle in which it performs a series of processing steps. These include initialization, instantiating controls, restoring and maintaining state, running event handler code, and rendering.

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