Does Commander Cody die?

Does Commander Cody die?

Commander Cody survived through the end of the Clone Wars well into the Imperial period. He retained an officer rank, and was partially responsible for the training of the next generation of Imperial soldiers.

Which clone commander died on Scipio?


Name Thorn
Species Human (Clone)
Gender Male
Height 1.83 Meters
Died 19 BBY, Scipio

Did Commander Fox know Order 66?

All clone troopers knew about order 66. It was one of 150 contingency orders, which covered allies going rogue, a protocol for taking down the chancellor, a plan for eliminating the Senate, a plan for orbital bombardment of an allied city along with 66.

Did Fox regret killing fives?

He did show remorse, such as when he killed Fives, but he didn’t hesitate to follow orders to kill him.

How did Commander Rex die?

Rex later fought in the Battle of Mimban along with the Mud Jumpers of the 224th Division and his troopers in the 501st. Jedi General Laan Tik led Republic forces in the battle until he was killed.

Did Rex know Vader was Anakin?

In-canon so far, no. It hasn’t been explicitly stated or even hinted at that Rex knew Anakin became Vader. Of course in a future piece of media featuring Rex a mention that Ahsoka told him could change this. But at this current time, it wasn’t knowledge Rex had.

Are kallus and Zeb a couple?

In the season finale, Sabine Wren explained that Zeb took Kallus to the secret planet and introduced him to the remaining Lasat. Sabine notes that Kallus lives with Zeb in Lira San where the Lasat have accepted him. Blum also addressed the possibility that Zeb and Kallus eventually became a couple.

Is Captain Rex in the Mandalorian?

Rex is a clone trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, cloned from Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, and serves the Galactic Republic under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano.

Does Commander Rex die in rebels?

After discovering a report from Rex about the inhibitor chips, Ahsoka managed to remove Rex’s inhibitor chip, thus freeing him from carrying out Order 66. Eventually, Ahsoka and Rex escaped and managed to fake their deaths before leaving to live in exile.

How old is Rex in Mandalorian?

Like Boba Fett, Rex was created in 32 BBY, so he would also be around 41 during The Mandalorian.

Did Rex know about Anakin and Padme?

This confirms that Rex knew about Anakin’s relationship, as Anakin actually enlisted the help of his Captain in contacting Padmé secretly. So between Rex, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, and Palpatine, those closest to Anakin all knew about his relationship with Padmé. yet Anakin still didn’t feel like he could open up.

Why didn’t Obi Wan help Anakin with Padme?

The reason Obi-wan didn’t stop Anakin from Force Choking Padme was because he knew that he would be able to save her… (at least physically.) regardless of Anakin’s abilities.

Did Padme forgive Anakin?

Padme will of forgiven Anakin before she died, but Anakin didn’t forgive himself.

Why did Anakin suddenly hate Obi Wan?

Anakin didn’t trust that he could trust Obi-Wan. In fact, he felt as though Obi-Wan was trying to take Padme from him. In Star Wars Episode III, before the battle on Mustafar, Anakin went to Padme’s ship to talk with her. Anakin wanted to convince her of what Palpatine had convinced him.

Did Anakin really hate Obi Wan?

In the deepest and most remote parts of his soul, he recalls the man that essentially raised him and the woman that loved him. And he knows that he betrayed them, his oath as a Jedi Knight and the very ideal of Justice that he swore to defend. Anakin Skywalker doesn’t hate Obi-Wan Kenobi. He hates himself.

Who killed Padme?

Palpatine already knew how to influence the midichlorians to create life and save people from dying. So, as Anakin was dying from his wounds on Mustafar, the Emperor siphoned the Living Force from Padmé and brought it to Anakin. Thus, she died as he was reborn as Darth Vader.

What does Anakin hate?


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