Does platoon accurately depict the Vietnam War?

Does platoon accurately depict the Vietnam War?

Platoon’s battle sequences were also praised for their believability. A former Marine and technical adviser to military movies, James Dever, claimed that Stone’s movie is unerringly accurate in its depictions of real-life Vietnam battle sequences.

What is platoon movie about?

Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) leaves his university studies to enlist in combat duty in Vietnam in 1967. Once he’s on the ground in the middle of battle, his idealism fades. Infighting in his unit between Staff Sergeant Barnes (Tom Berenger), who believes nearby villagers are harboring Viet Cong soldiers, and Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe), who has a more sympathetic view of the locals, ends up pitting the soldiers against each other as well as against the enemy.

What battle was the movie Platoon based on?

The New Year’s Day battle of 1968

What happens in Platoon?

Two members of the platoon, Sandy (J. Adam Glover) and Sal (Richard Edson) are killed when they stumble upon a booby trap attached to a box of documents. Shortly after, a soldier named Manny Washington (Corkey Ford) goes missing. His mutilated body is found tied to a post close by.

Why does Barnes kill Elias?

Elias’ decision to report Barnes’ criminal conduct at the village precipitates a rift between the members in the platoon (some siding with Barnes and others siding with Elias), and ultimately causes Barnes to kill Elias.

How does Elias die in Platoon?

Elias takes Chris and two other men to intercept flanking enemy troops. Barnes orders the rest of the platoon to retreat and goes back into the jungle to find Elias’s group. Barnes finds Elias alone and shoots him, then returns and tells Chris that Elias was killed by the enemy.

How large is a platoon?

20 to 50 soldiers

Did Oliver Stone kill anyone in Vietnam?

Platoon director OLIVER STONE: ‘I actually saw the man I killed which was rare in Vietnam… I feel no guilt. He’s dead./span>

What rank was Elias in Platoon?

Sergeant Elias K. Grodin was a soldier in the Vietnam War. Assigned to the Bravo company, 25th Infantry Division, he was the leader of Alpha squad in the platoon.

What started the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War had its origins in the broader Indochina wars of the 1940s and ’50s, when nationalist groups such as Ho Chi Minh’s Viet Minh, inspired by Chinese and Soviet communism, fought the colonial rule first of Japan and then of France.

What happened to Big Harold in Platoon?

He served in Lieutenant Mark Wolfe’s platoon on the Cambodian border in the autumn of 1967 and early 1968, and he lost a leg to a Viet Cong booby-trap while fleeing an NVA artillery barrage during the New Year’s Day Battle of 1968, later being airlifted to a hospital and sent home.

How did Sgt Barnes get his scar?

He was a high-ranking professional US Army Sergeant in the infantry platoon of the 25th Infantry Division, who was best known for his mysterious yet dark and ruthless nature as a military man, but mostly for his facially disfigured look which he gained after surviving 7 injuries of shooting.

What did they smoke in Platoon?

Prior to the scene where Elias’ half of the platoon is smoking marijuana, the actors actually did smoke marijuana. Unfortunately for them, Willem Dafoe reported, by the time the stage was set and they actually filmed everyone had come off their high and felt awful.

Does Big Harold die in Platoon?

Lieutenant Wolfe calls in wrong coordinates for artillery support, resulting in the deaths of Fu Sheng (Steve Barredo), Morehouse, and Tubbs (Andrew B. Clark) and the severe wounding of Ace (Terry McIlvain). Big Harold has his leg blown off by a trip-wired booby trap while trying to escape the artillery barrage.

What is Tom Berenger net worth?

Tom Berenger Net Worth – Tom Berenger is an American actor who has a net worth of $8 million dollars. Born Thomas Michael Moore in Chicago, Illinois, in 1949, Tom Berenger graduated from the University of Missouri in Columbia with a degree in journalism before he decided to pursue acting instead.

How Much Is Charlie Sheen worth?

Since then, his film career has been very quiet. As of 2021, Charlie Sheen’s net worth is estimated at $10 million….

Net Worth: $10 Million
Born: September 3, 1965
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Actor
Last Updated: 2021

How much is Willem Dafoe worth?

American actor Willem Dafoe has a net worth of $40 million dollars, as of 2021./span>

What age is Billy Zane?

55 years (February 24, 1966)

Why did Billy Zane stop voicing Ansem?

It’s widely speculated that it was due to him appearing in a film that portrayed the United States as antagonists in the middle east conflict, and being a historically patriotic company, Disney cut all ties. All I know is that when I head Richard Epcar say the line “Darkness is the heart’s true essence” I lost my cool.

Was Billy Zane in the mummy?

Billy Zane was in The Mummy. ‘ And a third took it even further and bet James $100 (£77) that Billy Zane was in fact not in the film./span>

What is Billy Zane doing now?

He makes his own movies now Zane loves making movies—but he doesn’t have to make them for Hollywood. He’s a principal partner in a production company and content distributor called RadioactiveGiant./span>

Is Billy Zane Black?

His parents are both of Greek descent (from Chios through his mother and Mani through his father), and his family’s original surname, “Zanetakos”, was anglicized to “Zane” by his parents, who also raised him in the Greek Orthodox faith. He has an older sister, Lisa Zane, who is an actress and singer.

Is Billy Zane in community?

Billy Zane is dropping by Greendale Community College next season. Zane is the latest guest star to be revealed on Season 6 of Community, which launches March 17 on Yahoo Screen. The actor will play a mysterious, nameless man scouting Britta (Gillian Jacobs) for a “unique talent.”/span>

Is Lisa Zane related to Billy Zane?

Zane was born in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Thalia and William George Zane, Sr., founders of a medical technical school. Her family’s original surname, “Zanetakos”, was anglicized to “Zane” by her father. Both of her parents are of Greek descent. She is the older sister of actor Billy Zane.

Did Billy Zane play in Charmed?

William George Zane, Jr. Billy Zane portrayed the Charmed character Drake dè Mon, a former demon and love interest of Phoebe Halliwell, in the Season 7 episodes Carpe Demon, Show Ghouls and The Seven Year Witch.

What nationality is Billy Zane?


Who was Billy Zane married to?

Lisa Collinsm. 1989–1995

Where did Billy Zane go to high school?

Francis W. Parker School

Who played Kate Winslet’s fiance in Titanic?

BILL PAXTON (BROCK LOVETT) He also starred on the HBO series Big Love, about a polygamist family in Utah, for five seasons./span>

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