Dr Acc you prescribed 4 min savings per day

Dr Cac vous prescrit 4 min d’économie par jourOn France 5, with effect from 3 October 2011 at 20: 20, follow the requirements of the Doctor of CAC ! Doctor, CPA, phd in economics, for Christian CAC, which is an acronym of This is Clear enough !

“Dear friends, hello ! I am a Christian CPA, phd in economics. CAC in three letters as “It is clear enough” and with me, the economy is going to become ! Clear enough, of course ! “

In less than five minutes, this doctor in economics is to give you the basics of Macroeconomics.

This lesson extension economic bet of humor : the diversion and sound archive images in a series voluntarily shifted and outdated (think of the skits from “Message to be informative in nature ” and away from the film business). Acrimonious comments, replies hot help the Doctor Cac and his cronies to ask the questions that make people angry.

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The episodes available for the first are enticing.

Can Greece go bankrupt ?

Why is Qatar investing in the sport ?




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