How are earthworms called Friends of farmers?

How are earthworms called Friends of farmers?

Earthworms are said to be always the friend of farmers. The reason is that earthworm increases the fertility of soil by increasing the amount of air and water that gets into the soil, facilitating aeration and increasing drainage. Farmers always wanted to get their crops to grow in a fertile soil.

Why are they called Farmers friends?

Worms are called as farmers friend because they lives in soil and they loosen the soil and which helps to aeration in soil where air can easily pass and helps to micro organisms and their functions and with that these worms helps to increase the fertility of the soil.

Which insect is the friend of Farmer?

EARTHWORM Earthworms

Is butterfly farmers a friend?

Answer: That’s the key: While the caterpillar takes from the world the resources it needs for survival, the butterfly gives back, helping produce the next generation of plants. They pollinate the native plants that sustain entire ecosystems.

What insects help farmers?

There are three main types of beneficial insects: pollinators, predators, and parasites. In a healthy, diversified garden or farming eco-system, all three types of beneficial insects will be working for you. Pollinators, like honeybees, fertilize flowers which greatly increases the productivity of food crops.

Are insects friends of farmers?

Answer. earthworm are the insects who help farmer by loosing the soil.

Are insects friends of farmers Why?

Answer Expert Verified Insects like honey bee, butterfly helps in seed dispersal( pollination). Insects like bettles, spiders, dragon fly eat small insects which ate in paddy crops. 5. insects ate natural enemies of all types of pest.

Which insect is harmful to agriculture?

Aphids. How it Kills: Also known as plant lice, they are diminutive, soft bodied, pear shaped insects which suck sap, typically during the spring and summer seasons. Severe infestation results in curling of leaves, stunted growth and gradual drying and death of young plants.

Are insects friends of farmers explain Class 8?

Answer the follow Answer : i) Yes, insects are friends of farmers as they help in the process of plant reproduction. ii) Insects carry out cross-pollination by transferring the pollen grains from the anthers of the flowers on one plant to the stigma of the flowers on another plant.

Why snakes are friends to farmers they eat rats they eat crops they eat insects all of these?

Snakes eat rats and mice which damage crops. All together these are eco- friendly by which chemical usage can be decreased.

Which of these are also known as Farmers Friend * 1 point cows as they help farmers Plough the soil earthworms and snails as they loosen up the soil dogs as they loosen up the soil with their paws?

Earthworms are farmers’ friends because they improve the quality of the soil like water holding capacity, moisture, and content by burrowing into the soil and making it loose and porous, the worm castings improve the organic content of the soil.

Which season is called the Friends of farmers and why?

Earthworm are called friends of farmer because 1. Earthworm moves through the soil that loosens and aerates the soil. This also helps the water to reach the roots quickly.

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