How are logic gates made?

How are logic gates made?

“A logic gate in a microchip is made up of a specific arrangement of transistors For modern microchips, the transistors are of the kind called Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor (MOSFET), and the semiconductor used is silicon

Why is it called an OR gate?

The OR gate gets its name from the fact that it behaves after the fashion of the logical inclusive “or” The output is “true” if either or both of the inputs are “true” If both inputs are “false,” then the output is “false” In other words, for the output to be 1, at least input one OR two must be 1

WHY IS NOT gate called an inverter?

A NOT gate puts the input condition in the opposite order, means for high input it give low output and for low input it give high output For this reason NOT gate is known as inverter circuit

What is the truth table of NOT gate?

Truth table is a table that gives output for all possible combinations of inputs to a logic circuit NOT GATE: A logic gate which performs the function of logical operator NOT is called as NOT gate

What is difference between gate and NAND gate?

The NAND Gate is simply an AND Gate with an inverter on the output Therefore, whatever the output from the AND Gate is, it is inverted or flipped to the opposite stateNAND Gate

NAND 0 1
1 1 0

What is truth table in logic gates?

The table used to represent the boolean expression of a logic gate function is commonly called a Truth Table A logic gate truth table shows each possible input combination to the gate or circuit with the resultant output depending upon the combination of these input(s)

What is SOP and POS?

The SOP (Sum of Product) and POS (Product of Sum) are the methods for deducing a particular logic function In other words, these are the ways to represent the deduced reduced logic function Conversely, POS produces a logical expression comprised of the AND of the multiple OR terms

How many truth tables are there?

Since each atomic statement has two possible values (True or False), a truth table will have 2n rows, where n is the number of atomic statements So, if there are two atomic statements, the table has four rows; three atomic statements requires eight rows; four requires 16 rows; and so forth

What is the purpose of truth tables?

A truth table is a breakdown of a logic function by listing all possible values the function can attain Such a table typically contains several rows and columns, with the top row representing the logical variables and combinations, in increasing complexity leading up to the final function

Is truth a binary?

“Truth is never binary Truth is a value Truth is emotional, it’s fluid, and above all, it’s human”

Is false && false true?

If applied to boolean values, the && operator only returns true when both of its operands are true (and false in all other cases), while the operator only returns false when both of its operands are false (and true in all other cases)

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