How can farmers increase their income?

How can farmers increase their income?

The DFI strategy as recommended by the Committee include seven sources of income growth viz., (i) improvement in crop productivity; (ii) improvement in livestock productivity; (iii) resource use efficiency or savings in the cost of production; (iv) increase in the cropping intensity; (v) diversification towards high …

What are the three major activities for improving crop yield?

Major groups of activities for improving crop yields for green revolution are:

  • i) Plant more trees.
  • ii) Reduce excess irrigation that can cause loss of fertility and soil.
  • iii) Use organic manure and fertilizers that should protect crop health but protect them for infestation.

How can we improve crop variety?

Example: Wheat grain, peas, mustard and linseed are rabi crops. Crop variety improvement: It can be done either by hybridisation or by introducing a gene. (i) Crop improvement by hybridisation: Hybridisation refers to crossing between genetically dissimilar plants.

What is the need of improving crop variety?

It reduces the cost of crop production and allows the farmers to grow multiple crops in a year. Wider Adaptability: Developing varieties for wider adaptability helps in stabilising the crop production under different environmental conditions.

What are the two ways of improving crop variety explain?

(i) Hybridisation: It involves crop breeding of genetically dissimilar plants. The crossing may be intervarietal, interspecific or intergeneric.

How is variety improvement and why it is done?

The factors for which variety improvement is done are: (i) Higher yield: To increase productivity of the crop per acre. (ii) Improved quality: The quality of crop products vary from crop to crop. E.g., protein quality is important in pulses, oil quality in oilseeds, preserving quality in fruits and vegetables.

What are the factors for variety improvement?

Factors for improvement of crop variety are:

  • Higher yield.
  • Improved quality.
  • Biotic and abiotic resistance.
  • Change in maturity duration.
  • Wider adaptability.

What is change in maturity duration?

Shorter maturity period of crops reduces the cost of crop production and makes the variety economical. Uniform maturity makes the harvesting process easy and reduces losses during harvesting.

Why improvement in food resources become essential?

Food supplies proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, all of which we require for body development, growth and health. Both plants and animals are major sources of food for us. We obtain most of this food from agriculture and animal husbandry.

How do you manage food resources?

The term food resource management means using your food dollars wisely, so you can provide healthy food for your family for the entire month. Do you run out of money or food before the end of the month? Most of us do once in a while. If this happens to you a lot, you might need to change the way you spend money.

Why is food resource important?

2 Why is food important? 1)Source of energy 2)Source of materials for building new cells & structures **malnourishment can lead to other diseases! 4 2) Distribution problems – certain countries have plenty of food, but it isn’t distributed to areas where there is less food. 5 3) Money – lack of money to buy food.

What is meant by improve our food?

Answer: To improve the quality of the food we eat n to maintain the minerals, vitamins present in air , water or soil is known as the improvement in food resources.

How can I improve my food health?

Learn how good food can improve your health

  1. Eating starchy carbohydrates as the basis of most meals.
  2. Eating fruits and vegetables as much as possible every day.
  3. Eating legumes regularly.
  4. Consuming milk and milk products regularly in small amounts.
  5. Eating meat, poultry, eggs and fish regularly within normal amounts.

Why do we need improvement in food resources class 9?

1) To improve the quality and nutritional value of food. 2) To increase the yield of crops. 3) To make the food products and crops free from diseases and pests. 4) To reduces the cost of the food products and increase their availability.

How can I produce more food?

Course 2: Increase Food Production Without Expanding Agricultural Land

  1. Increase livestock and pasture productivity.
  2. Improve crop breeding.
  3. Improve soil and water management.
  4. Plant existing cropland more frequently.
  5. Adapt to climate change.

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