How can the relationship between politics and religion?

How can the relationship between politics and religion?

(i) Influence of religion can make politics value based. (ii) Religious communities can politically express their needs and interests. (iii) Political authorities can monitor and control religious discrimination and oppression.

Why should religion and government be separate?

Religion is too important to be a government program or a political pageant. The concept of a “separation of church and state” reinforces the legal right of a free people to freely live their faith, even in public; without fear of government coercion.

Where did the separation of church and state come from?

The expression “separation of church and state” can be traced to an 1802 letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to a group of men affiliated with the Danbury Baptists Association of Connecticut.

Who came up with separation of church and state?

Thomas Jefferson

Who said separation of church and state?

What role did the founders foresee for religion in American government and society?

What role did the founders foresee for religion in American government and society? The founders including Thomas Jefferson wanted separation between church and state. They didn’t want religious views getting in the way of the government. They wanted to worship and govern themselves in whatever manner they deemed true.

What was an important political origin of the American Revolution?

The American Revolution was principally caused by colonial opposition to British attempts to impose greater control over the colonies and to make them repay the crown for its defense of them during the French and Indian War (1754–63).

How did ideas of political freedom?

The Americans were fighting for a good cause, they were fighting for their rights. How did ideas of political freedom affect people’s ideas about economic rights and relationships? Colonists thought that political freedom would allow them economic freedom, giving them the freedom to vote if they had property.

How did the revolution change American society?

The Revolution opened new markets and new trade relationships. The Americans’ victory also opened the western territories for invasion and settlement, which created new domestic markets. Americans began to create their own manufacturers, no longer content to reply on those in Britain.

Who benefited most from the American Revolution?


What factors led to the American Revolution?

Below are some of the key causes of the American Revolution in the order they occurred.

  • The Founding of the Colonies.
  • French and Indian War.
  • Taxes, Laws, and More Taxes.
  • Protests in Boston.
  • Intolerable Acts.
  • Boston Blockade.
  • Growing Unity Among the Colonies.
  • First Continental Congress.

What were the political effects of the American Revolution?

The Revolution also unleashed powerful political, social, and economic forces that would transform the new nation’s politics and society, including increased participation in politics and governance, the legal institutionalization of religious toleration, and the growth and diffusion of the population, particularly …

What are the consequences of a revolution?

In the long-term, the Revolution would also have significant effects on the lives of slaves and free blacks as well as the institution of slavery itself. It also affected Native Americans by opening up western settlement and creating governments hostile to their territorial claims.

Why the Revolutionary War was necessary?

First, the American Revolution secured the independence of the United States from the dominion of Great Britain and separated it from the British Empire. Today most of the world’s nations are at least nominal republics, due in no small way to the success of the American republic.

What was good about the American Revolution?

It developed a system of governmental and quasi-governmental systems that allowed ordinary citizens to gain much greater control of the political process than existed before the Revolution. Those were definitely positive outcomes. But the American Revolution was a messy, violent and complicated event.

Was the revolution good or bad?

Yes! Both revolutions were good because they helped the people, who were suffering before. The Americans were being taxed cruelly and needlessly prior to the American Revolution. By revolting, they gained their independence and were freed from the shackles of Britain.

How can the relationship between politics and religion be beneficial and problematic at the same time?

Answer. Beneficial: (i) Influence of religion can make politics value based. (iii) Political authorities can monitor and control religious discrimination and oppression. Problematic: (i) Religion can become the base for the development of nationalist sentiments which can lead to conflicts.

Which country has the best freedom?

The country with the highest rank for the personal freedom index was the Netherlands, followed closely by Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Hong Kong had the highest economic freedom index, followed closely by Singapore.

Does Egypt have equal rights?

The constitution now states that women have equal right to give pass citizenship to their children. Egypt’s intentions to uphold and pursue the goals of CEDAW in general have also been emphasized and codified.

Is Egypt Shia or Sunni?

While almost all of Egypt’s Muslims are Sunni, there are a small number of Shia. (Estimates of their number range from 800,000 to “at most” three million.)

Which country has the most Shia?


Is Salafi Sunni or Shia?

The Salafi movement, also called the Salafiyya movement is a conservative revivalist and reform branch movement within Sunni Islam.

What percentage of Egypt is Shia?

According to The Economist, estimates range from 50,000 to one million. Minority Rights Group International estimates Egyptian Shia population to range from 800,000 to two million out of Egypt’s total population of about 90 million.

Which countries are predominantly Shia?

Shias comprise a majority in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain, and a plurality in Lebanon, while Sunnis make up the majority of more than forty countries from Morocco to Indonesia.

Is Turkmenistan Sunni or Shia?

Traditionally, the Turkmen of Turkmenistan, like their kin in Uzbekistan are Sunni Muslims. Shia Muslims, the other main branch of Islam, are not numerous in Turkmenistan, and the Shia religious practices of the Azerbaijani and Kurdish minorities are not politicized.

When did Egypt become Sunni?


When did Egypt become Arab?

These factors resulted in Islam becoming the dominant faith in Egypt between 10th and 12th century, Egyptians acculturating into an Islamic identity and then replacing Coptic and Greek, which were spoken as a result of the Greek and Roman occupation of Egypt, languages with Arabic as their sole vernacular which became …

How did Islam take over Egypt?

Muslims gained control over Egypt by a variety of factors, including internal Byzantine politics, religious zeal and the difficulty of maintaining a large empire. The Byzantines attempted to regain Alexandria, but it was retaken by ‘Amr in 646. In 654 an invasion fleet sent by Constans II was repelled.

Who conquered Egypt in Islam?

Amr ibn al-As al-Sahmi

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