How did Dennis Watts die in EastEnders?

How did Dennis Watts die in EastEnders?

As they lock eyes, Dennis is stabbed and collapses, dying in Sharon’s arms. His last words are “we did it” in reference to their unborn son who was born six months later and named Dennis in honor of his father. It is later revealed that Dennis was killed by Danny Moon.

What happened to Sharon’s son Dennis in EastEnders?

In a harrowing episode to close out EastEnders’ 35th anniversary week, Sharon Mitchell’s son Dennis Rickman drowned in the Thames. The drama began when Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) locked Denny in a room below deck on the boat to try and get revenge on behalf of Bobby (Clay Milner Russell).

How did Sharon find out about Ian killing Denny?

How did Sharon find out Ian killed Denny? But it was revealed that Sharon had listened to the voicemail after all – and that she’d been plotting Ian’s death – as she served up a poisoned Christmas pudding to Ian over the festive season.

Did Ian Kill Sharons son?

EastEnders is set to make its long-awaited return, and viewers will finally get to see the moment Sharon Watts finds out her son Dennis was killed by Ian Beale. While Ian tried to save him when the boat began to go down, he was unable to free him in time and while Ian survived, Denny died in the incident.

Why did Sharon kill Ian?

It was there Sharon revealed the truth to Linda, that she tried to kill Ian to avenge her son, Denny, who died when Ian locked him in a room on the sinking boat.

Has Dennis died in EastEnders?

Dennis was murdered by Danny Moon at the behest of gangster Johnny Allen. He died in the arms of Sharon in the Square, breaking the hearts of thousands of female viewers across the country…

What did Sharon do with her baby in EastEnders?

EastEnders confirms Sharon changed baby Kayden’s name during lockdown. The soap has been sharing some ‘Lockdown Lowdowns” and for Sharon they explained “After much to-ing and fro-ing, she decided to change her son’s name to Albie.” She is also spending time bonding with the little one as landlady of The Queen Vic.

Does Ian go out of EastEnders?

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) made quite the exit in EastEnders on Friday night (January 22). Ian realised what Sharon was up to in a huge showdown on Friday night, and ultimately he decided to leave Walford.

Why did Tina leave EastEnders?

Why did Tina leave EastEnders? Luisa announced that she was leaving the soap to try her hand at other projects back in October. Telling fans the news on social media, the actress revealed: “Finally the time has come to say goodbye to my EastEnders family. “I am leaving EE at the end of the year!

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