How did Karana get Rontu to go into the cave?

How did Karana get Rontu to go into the cave?

As the sun comes up, Karana sees the Aleuts landing on shore. She sees a girl Aleut by a fire on the shore cooking something. Arriving at the cave, Karana eventually convinces Rontu to come inside. She seals the door with rocks and then sleeps all day.

How did Karana finally kill the Devilfish?

Karana raises her spear to kill the devilfish (which are very tasty), but it shoots out a cloud of ink and escapes.

How does Karana feel after Tutok leaves?

In chapter eleven, when Karana returns from her long voyage on the sea, she looked out over her island and feels happy. After Tutok leaves, she looks out onto the same view and feels lonely.

Why doesn’t Karana kill the girl when she is spotted?

Karana goes out that night to observe the Aleut camp. She does not take Rontu with her, because the Aleuts may have brought dogs. Karana is afraid the Aleut girl might happen upon her house while looking for food or water, but decides to stay in the cave in the ravine.

Where does Rontu finally die?

Where does Rontu finally die? He dies up on the cliffs where he loves to chase and bark at gulls.

Who killed Rontu?


What animal did Karana finally manage to kill?

In the end, Karana can’t go through with her plan to kill the leader of the dog pack after all. In Chapter 15, Karana finally tracks down the dog, sets his cave on fire, and then shoots an arrow into his chest. But she just can’t bring herself to finish off the wounded dog.

How did Karana get a new dog?

How did Karana get a new dog after Rontu’s death? She put a mixture into the spring water to make the dogs go to sleep. Their ship had sunk in the storm, then their was no other ship.

How many dogs did Karana kill?

When he comes, Karana hits him in the chest with an arrow. She turns and kills two other dogs with her remaining arrows. When she turns back, the gray dog is gone.

How does Ramo die?

When he still is not back by afternoon, Karana decides to check on him. By the time she finds him, Ramo has been killed by a pack of wild dogs. In his struggle, he killed two of them, but there were too many for him to handle. Karana vows to kill the dogs in Ramo’s honor.

What did Karana make to protect her eyes from the bright sun?

Chapter 27 The tide is lower than Karana has ever seen it, and the sun is so bright that she has to wear wooden shields over her eyes to see.

What does Karana learn about the ship that took her family away?

Apparently, there are still some otter alive that remember the Aleuts. Karana inquires about the ship that had taken her people many years before, but it is not until much later that she finds out that it had sunk soon after it reached its destination.

What animals swim in front of the boat carrying Karana as it leaves the island?

5 of 5 What animals swim in front of the boat carrying Karana as it leaves the island?

  • Dolphins.
  • Dogs.
  • Devil fish.
  • Otters.

What was the wave of earth that Karana felt?

Karana soon sees a huge wave (tsunami) coming towards the island, and she runs to escape by climbing a cliff. She climbs as high as she can but is soaked by a second, larger ocean wave. Once the water retreats, Karana leaves the cliff for the safety of her shelter.

How did Karana keep track of time?

By Scott O’Dell That same summer, Karana stops keeping track of time as she normally has by marking a pole beside her house. This is also the summer when Rontu dies. He had been going out with Karana less and less and then one night he wanted to go outside of the fence. She stays with him through the night.

Why do you think Karana didn’t kill the wild dog when she had the chance?

Q. Why didn’t Karana kill the leader of the wild dogs when she had a chance? The dog stayed on the ground; if he got up she may have shot him.

Why was Karana willing to leave the island?

Karana decides to leave the island because she realizes that the life she leads on the island, isolated and severed from social connection, is not a viable one. Although she ends up making a life for herself on the island, her interactions with Tutok proves that there is a certain loneliness and desolation in her life.

How did Karana feel after she returned to the island?

How did Karana feel when she finally reached the island? She felt tired, relieved, happy and mad. Karana left the island because she could not bear to live there alone another day; yet when she returned she felt happy.

What does Karana do when she realizes her brother Ramo is not on the ship?

Why does Karana jump of the ship and return to the island? She realizes that her brother, Ramo, did not get on the ship. She sees him on the shore of the island holding a fishing spear.

What does Rontu ARU look like?

Rontu. Unlike the other dogs, which have brown fur and brown eyes, Rontu has yellow eyes and gray fur (he is also much larger than the average dog of the island). Though Rontu and Karana are enemies at the beginning of the novel, they become friends after Karana injures Rontu and then nurses him back to health.

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